UNC Defeats Gonzaga 71-65 To Claim Sixth National Championship In School HistoryJustin Jackson delivered the go-ahead three-point play and North Carolina scored the last eight points for a 71-65 win over Gonzaga.
Wisch: By Claiming He Was Misquoted, Illini's Beckman MisfiresIt's best for all if Tim Beckman just has a realistic view of his program.
Sports Verdict: Should A One-Loss Team Be In The BCS Championship Game?With the shocking loss of Alabama to Auburn, questions again arise regarding the optimization of the BCS system. One of the primary issues up for debate: should a team with one loss be eligible for the title game?
BCS Schedules Bowl Games With NFL Lockout In MindThe uncertainty of the NFL Lockout has worked its way down to the college ranks. When the Bowl Championship Series chose dates for its five bowl games, it did so to avoid conflicts that could result from the lockout.
BCS Strips USC Of 2004 National ChampionshipThe University of Southern California has been stripped of their 2004 National Championship by the Bowl Championship Series.
AP: Justice Department Will Meet With BCSThe college football world continues to be filled with controversy. Earlier this week it was Jim Tressel and Terrelle Pryor, now the Justice Department is taking aim at the BCS.
Justice Department Asks 'Serious Questions' About BCSThe Justice Department wants to know why the NCAA doesn't have a college football playoff system and says there are "serious questions" about whether the current format to determine a national champion complies with antitrust laws.
Thompson: The Five Best Moments Of The TourneyAs I struggled to watch a Butler-UConn national championship game completely devoid of made baskets, I thought what a shame it is that a historic, drama-filled NCAA tournament would end this way.
Wisch: The Worst Thing About The NCAA Title Game? Its Start TimeBelieve it, or not, the basketball wasn’t the most sleep-inducing part of last night’s NCAA national championship game.
UConn Tops Butler, Wins National ChampionshipKemba Walker scored 16 points and Connecticut beat Butler 53-41 on Monday night to give Jim Calhoun his third national championship, something only four other coaches have done.
Thompson: One-Legged Wrestling Champ InspiresAfter winning a wrestling national championship as a senior in high school, Anthony Robles set his sights on achieving excellence in college.