Warmest September On Record Keeps Globe On Pace For Record 2015September was the warmest ever recorded around the globe, the seventh time this year a month has set a record for average global temperature.
July Was Hottest Month On Record; 2015 Might Be Hottest YearThe weather in Chicago might have been about average last month, but July saw the highest average global temperatures of any month on record, and 2015 is on pace to be the warmest year on record as well.
Feds Move To Stop Fishing Crimes By Tracking Seafood ImportsIn an effort to eradicate illegal fishing and seafood fraud, the Obama Administration is launching a fish tracking system that would eventually tell consumers where their fish was caught, processed and stored.
Great Lakes More Ice-Covered Than Last FebruaryFor the second consecutive winter, the Great Lakes are almost completely covered with ice, due to the frigid weather.
Brutal Winter Seen From SpaceEven from miles above the Earth's surface, it was clear this winter was one of the most severe we've ever experienced, and not just for Chicago.
State Climatologist: Too Late To Save Corn Crop From DroughtA top climatologist said Thursday the drought plaguing Illinois farms appears to be leveling off, but it's too late to save the state's corn crop.
Report: March Was 8.6 Degrees Hotter Than Average NationwideNow that we've put our shorts and flip flops back in storage for the time being, federal figures show temperatures this March were 8.6 degrees above normal for most of the country.