NTSB: Blue Line 'Trip Stop' At O'Hare Was Too Close To The End Of The TrackNTSB officials had previously said the train’s operator, Brittney Haywood, admitted falling asleep at the controls as the train was pulling into the O’Hare station, but that automated systems in place were designed to stop the train if she did not hit the brakes.
Derailed CTA Train Removed From O'Hare; Station Could Reopen By WeekendCTA officials have removed damaged train cars from the escalator and platform at O'Hare International Airport, and hope to reopen the station by this weekend, following a Blue Line derailment that injured more than 30 people earlier this week.
NTSB: CTA Operator Dozed Off, Didn't Wake Up Until Crash At O'HareFederal investigators said the woman who was operating the Blue Line that crashed at O'Hare International Airport on Monday admitted she dozed off before the crash, and didn't wake up until it derailed and slammed into an escalator.
NTSB: Automated Stopping System Activated Before Blue Line CrashFederal investigators said an automated braking system known as a "track trip" activated just before a CTA Blue Line train derailed at O'Hare International Airport and plowed into an escalator, but it's not clear if the system applied the brakes as quickly as it should.
Blue Line Operator Dozed Off Before Train Jumped Tracks At O'Hare just before 3 a.m. Monday, a train failed to stop as it pulled into the O’Hare station, and jumped the tracks onto the platform, then went up the escalator, stopping just short of the turnstiles.
Metra Seeks Delay In Deadline For New Safety System, Citing CostMetra and other railroads have until the end of 2015 to install “positive train control” systems – which allow a computer to override human error, and take control of a train, but railroads have asked for a three-year extension to implement the system.
NTSB: Aborted Landing Preceded Bolingbrook Plane CrashThe report, issued Thursday, does not indicate what caused the Sept. 25 crash that killed the pilot, Narayan Venguswamy, 63, and his wife, Jay, from Georgetown, Ky.
TWA 800 Victims' Daughter: Missile Coverup 'Impossible"A Chicago woman who lost her father and stepmother in the crash of TWA Flight 800 in 1996 said she doesn’t believe claims made in a new documentary that the plane was brought down by a missile and was covered up by government investigators.
Planes Clip Wings At O'HareNo one was injured Wednesday night when a passenger jet with 284 people aboard and a cargo plane clipped the tips of their wings as they taxied past each other at O’Hare International Airport.
One Killed In Will County Plane CrashFederal authorities were investigating the cause of a fatal plane crash near Joliet on Tuesday.
Report: Near-Collisions Continue To Cause Worries At U.S. AirportsThe National Transportation Safety Board is investigating two near-collisions within months of one another last year at O'Hare International Airport.
A Look At Recent Megabus Problems: Coincidence Or Pattern?It’s been a rough week for Megabus, as the discount intercity bus line has been involved in two fatal accidents in Illinois, and agreed to pay $5 million to settle a lawsuit filed by the family of a man struck and killed by a Megabus two years ago.
Report Points To Controller Error In Near Collision At MidwayThe National Transportation Safety Board is investigating a near-collision last month at Midway International Airport, involving a Southwest Airlines jet.
NTSB: Pilot Passed Two Airports Before Crash That Killed FourA pilot passed up two chances to land at suburban airports -- because he didn't want to get stranded -- just minutes before crashing near Crystal Lake last month, killing his two daughters and one of the girls’ boyfriends.
Three Killed In Riverwoods Plane CrashThree people were killed and two others injured when a small plane transporting a medical patient crashed late Monday in north suburban Riverwoods.