New Orleans Mayor Had Invalid Tickets To 2007 NFC ChampionshipNew Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin planned on watching the 2006-07 NFC Championship between his Saints and the Chicago Bears from a suite at Solder Field.
Cutler Breaks His Silence, Says He Would Have 'Loved To Play'The days, and weeks, following the Chicago Bears' loss to the Green Bay Packers in the NFC Championship were filled with backlash against Jay Cuter and the injury that prevented him from finishing the game.
Daley Understands What Cutler Goes ThroughA lot of people have voiced their opinion about Chicago Bears' quarterback Jay Cutler since his injury in the NFC Championship game and the backlash that followed.
Naked Man Calls Out Cutler's DedicationIn a bizarre string of events, a naked man running through a restaurant parking lot was reportedly questioning the dedication of Chicago Bears’ quarterback Jay Cutler.
Rock's Rant: Chicago Bears Extend Lovie Smith's Contract...Has Yet To Earn ItIt was announced, fans expected it, and now finally it has happened. No, not the sequel to absolutely hilarious motion picture “The Hangover.”
Exclusive Interview With Lovie: 'Our System Works'A year ago, after the 2009 season, when Lovie Smith addressed the media and the fans after a 7-9 season there was an almost unanimous call for Smith to fired.
Bettis: Bears Hung Cutler Out To DryIn the aftermath of the NFC Championship game Jay Cutler was being attacked from virtually all angles and for every possible reason. But as the details came out, it looked more and more like the Bears had made the poor decisions.
Roenick: Cutler 'Just Sat On His Ass'As the week rolls on so do the opinions of Jay Cutler and what happened in the second half of the Chicago Bears-Green Bay Packers NFC Championship game.
Thayer: Expectations Raised For 2011 BearsThe success of the 2010 Chicago Bears came as a surprise. While some expected five or six wins this year, there were others who expected less. Next season, however, the starting expectations will reflect the 2010 season.
Jones-Drew: Cutler Tweet Meant As A JokeThe Jay Cutler injury, and the in-game backlash, have been getting more attention this week than the Green Bay Packers. And we're already hearing that one player's own tweet was taken out of context.
Cutler 'Is A Heck Of A Leader'Jay Cutler might be one of the most polarizing figures in the NFL today. Players on his team seem to respect his toughness, leadership and abilities, while others around the league question those same qualities.
Wisch: Will Jay Cutler Follow In Scottie Pippen's Footsteps?Over the past two years, I’ve questioned a lot of things about Jay Cutler. I still do. But I’ve never questioned his toughness.
Teammates Come To Cutler's DefenseJay Cutler took a physical beating all season long, and that continued into Sunday's NFC Championship game. But it was the beating that he took off the field that sparked his teammates to come his defense.
Shepkowski: Defending DeferringThere are numerous things to be upset at Lovie Smith and Mike Martz for during yesterday's 21-14 loss to the rival Packers.
Urlacher: 'A Disappointing Way To End Our Season'In hindsight, it was a better season than anyone could have expected. But that won't help ease the pain any Chicago Bears' fans or players are feeling today.