Billick: Coaches Could Be Fired For Contacting PlayersThe NFL players and owners are currently in a very heated and ugly labor dispute that could put all, or some, of the 2011 season in jeopardy, but caught in the middle of those two sides are the coaches of all 32 teams.
NFL Labor Agreement 'Could Be Done In Ten Minutes'The clock is ticking on the NFL's current collective bargaining agreement, and as both sides push to get as much as possible before a tough decision needs to be made, the details can get blurry for fans.
Second Day Of NFL Mediation A Good Sign?With just two weeks left on the current NFL labor deal, progress needs to be made fast. The owners and players union could be making that progress now with a federal mediator in the mix.
Muller: Attention Owners And The NFLPA, Remember The FansWhile the NFL owners and the NFLPA are inching closer and closer to a lockout for next season, it is easy for fans to feel anger towards a league that is forgetting the people are what made the NFL what it is today.
Goodell: 'Status Quo Is Not Acceptable' For Labor TalksThe day before the Super Bowl, the NFL owners and NFL Players Union will have their representatives sit down for their first formal negotiations since November.
AP Poll: Fans Not In Love With 18-Game ScheduleThere will be many issues discussed during the negotiations for a new collective bargaining agreement between the NFL owners and NFL Players Association. Not many of them easily understandable for fans.
Wisch: What You Might Not Know About The McCaskeys (And The NFL)It was a great season for the Chicago Bears, but a sad week for the family that owns the legendary NFL franchise – and not because it isn’t able to root on Chicago’s favorite team this weekend in Super Bowl XLV.
NFL Owners: Players Want A LockoutWhile teams will be trading hits this weekend in the NFL Playoffs, it appears that lawyers for the NFL owners and Players Union will be doing the same, if they haven't been already.