Latest Blow To NEIU: A Downgrade To 'Junk' Credit StatusThe downgrade from Moody’s Investor Service came Tuesday.
Northeastern Illinois University Closes Over State Budget StalemateOne state senator said the lack of a state budget is mainly Gov. Bruce Rauner's fault.
NEIU, Chicago State In Crisis But ISU Is Coping With The Financial StarvationIllinois State University does not anticipate furloughs, faculty cuts or reductions in class offerings due to the major shortfall stemming from the state's budget crisis.
NEIU Furloughs Staff, Students Over Spring BreakNortheastern Illinois University will furlough more than 1000 professors, administrators and staff because of the state budget crisis.
NEIU To Lay Off Student Aides To Save MoneyThe budget impasse in Springfield has forced Northeastern Illinois University to lay off student aides to cut costs.
Top Deputy Escalante Leaving CPD To Be NEIU Police ChiefFive months after he was passed over for the top job at the Chicago Police Department, First Deputy Supt. John Escalante is leaving to take the job as police chief at Northeastern Illinois University.
Granddad College Grad, 84, An Inspiration To His FamilyAnd pretty much everyone. CBS 2's Marissa Bailey introduces us to Jerry Pollard of Northbrook.
Illinois Universities Brace For Financial DoomsdayOne of the institutions even bought a Powerball ticket this week, hoping for financial relief. CBS 2's Roseanne Tellez reports.
State To Hold 'Town Hall' Meetings On Medical Marijuana One meeting will be held Aug. 20 in Chicago at Northeastern Illinois University.
NEIU Building Will Appear As Different Colors To Nearby Drivers A Northeastern Illinois University building set to be finished this summer will appear to be two different colors to drivers passing by on the nearby Kennedy Expressway.
Some University Employees Double Dipping For State PaychecksSome public university employees have figured out a way to keep their jobs and double their salaries. CBS 2's Dave Savini has been investigating this lucrative, yet legal, sweetheart deal involving government pensions.