New Treatment Could Be A Breakthrough For COVID-19 PatientsParticipants will take part in a new global clinical test trial. They'll be given a drug called sarilumab. It's already used for severe rheumatoid arthritis.
10 Years Later, Former VA Hospital Site In Streeterville Still A Vacant LotIt’s arguably the most expensive bunny patch in the city, so what’s the deal with a long-vacant lot in Streeterville?
Woman Sues Northwestern Medicine After Her Medical Information Was Posted On TwitterA woman at the center of a lawsuit said Northwestern Medicine Regional Medical Group did not inform her of a privacy breach of her medical records until she called after seeing the records posted on social media. 
What Happens To Your Body In The Extreme Cold? Beware Of Hypothermia, FrostbiteThe best advice for avoiding the adverse affects of the extreme cold gripping the Chicago area this week is to stay indoors, but if you must venture out in the sub-zero temperatures, experts say to avoid frostbite and hypothermia by dressing in layers and covering exposed skin.
Urologic Cancer Institute Opens Today At NorthwesternNorthwestern Medicine is opening a urologic cancer institute today to focus on treating cancers of the kidney, prostate, bladder and others.
Program Helps Moms, Newborns Addicted To Opioids Get HelpShe didn’t get the help she needed with her first pregnancy and lost custody of that child.
80,000 Deaths Caused By Flu Last Season, CDC SaysAn estimated 80,000 Americans died of flu and its complications last winter, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
Miracle Drug Or Snake Oil? CBD Gaining Popularity As Medical Treatment"Amazing," "a magic bullet," "life-changing." Those are just some of the ways people describe cannabidiol, or CBD, a product they use to treat everything from pain to mental health conditions; but is it snake oil or the real deal?
New Support Group Helps Parents Cope With Modern Challenges Facing TeensStarting this week, health experts are offering support to parents in the western suburbs dealing with cyberbullying, depression, and other challenges facing teenagers.
Daylight Savings Time Can Help With Sleep PatternsA Northwestern Medicine expert on sleep disorders says there's a lot more to being rested and alert than that extra hour.
Organ Transplant Changes Reduce Wait Times For Kidney PatientsThe number of people waiting for an organ transplant continues to grow, with currently more than 120,000 people on the waiting for an organ transplant, and more people are added to the list each year.