Controversial Professor Credited For Bringing Controversial Scholar To NorthwesternAccording to an email obtained by CBS 2, the professors admitted they were "blindsided" and explained that "a faculty member (Mike Bailey) agreed to host Kanazawa..." and he got two others "who were unaware of Kanazawa history, to co-sign and support an application..." for the visiting scholar.
Petition To Ban Visiting Professor To NU Because Of Racist BeliefsIn 2013 he authored a study on "Why Most Suicide Bombers Are Muslim." In 2011 he wrote an article in Psychology Today titled "Are All women Essentially Prostitutes?"
Evanston Police Step Up Patrols At Northwestern After Several Women HarassedEvanston police are working with Northwestern University to keep students safe after a series of recent attacks against women.
3 Women Attacked In Past 2 Weeks At Northwestern UniversityThree women have been attacked at Northwestern University in the past week, prompting a campus safety alert. At least two of the incidents happened near sororities on the Evanston campus.
Northwestern Releases Realistic Active Shooter Safety VideoEven before the mass shooting in California this week, Northwestern University has been working on an active shooter safety video to help keep students and staff safe. 
Former Mexican President To Speak At Northwestern UniversityFox was president of Mexico from 2000 to 2006. He's been a critic of President Donald Trump and his efforts to build a wall on the border of Mexico and the U.S.
Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity Allowed Back At Northwestern Following SuspensionA Northwestern University fraternity involved in bad behavior last year, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, is being allowed back on campus.
Northwestern Passes Fundraising Goal, Seeks More CashNorthwestern University has set a new target for its five-year capital campaign after reaching its original goal months early.