Full-Time MBA Program At Northwestern's Kellogg School Of Management Going Remote, Stay-At-Home Order In Place For Students, After COVID-19 CasesThe Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University has moved to remote learning, after several new positive COVID-19 cases were reported among full-time students.
Families Fear For Relatives' Health Amid Long-Term Isolation At Nursing Homes; 'We're Willing To Do Anything'Dr. Anna Liggett, an assistant professor of geriatric medicine at Northwestern University, said isolation definitely has negative consequences on health.
Northwestern Grad Student Injured In Fire Brought On By Lab AccidentA student was injured in a fire brought on by a laboratory accident at Northwestern University on Monday.
Northwestern First And Second Year Students To Do Virtual Learning For Fall; Notre Dame To Resume ClassesTo help curb the spread of COVID-19 on campus, first and second year students at Northwestern will do virtual learning for the fall.
Northwestern University Student Helping To Create A 'Future Bus'Maybe you'll see it one day at a CTA stop near you. 
Grad Student Sues Northwestern, Says Students Were Denied Services They Paid For When Classes Went Remote Over COVID-19A graduate student has filed a federal lawsuit seeking class-action status, taking on Northwestern University over COVID-19.
Northwestern Seeks Participants For COVID-19 Vaccine Trial StudiesNorthwestern Medicine is looking for recruits for trials of a potential COVID-19 vaccine.
As College Classes Start This Fall, Students Face COVID Concerns"I'd say a lot of student groups are struggling (but) I am comfortable with it for now."
Working For Chicago: Northwestern University Experts Launching Effort To Help Struggling Evanston Businesses“There is doom and gloom, for sure, but we’re seeing some very innovative and creative ways that local businesses are trying to make it through,” Northwestern University business professor Linda Darragh said.
Northwestern University Furloughs 250 Workers Amid Budget ShortfallThe university also announced top officials will be taking a 10% to 20% cut in pay and it will draw on its endowment.
Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot To Receive Honorary Degree From Northwestern UniversityFrom dancing on TikTok to PSA videos and tweets, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot has tried to use a little humor to get people to hear her message: Stay home, save lives. Now she is being awarded an honorary degree from Northwestern University. 
Wearable Sensor Can Track COVID-19 Symptoms, Relay Info To Doctors And Patients"We can, not only count coughs when a cough happens, how many times you're coughing during the day. We can measure cough intensity, cough frequency. We can capture cough sounds. Is it a dry cough? Is it a wet cough."
Northwestern, Shirley Ryan AbilityLab Develop Wearable Device To Track COVID-19 Symptoms"Earlier detection is always better and our devices provide important and unique capabilities in that context."
Mayor Lori Lightfoot To Present Commencement Address At Northwestern University's Virtual Graduation“I am thinking a lot about my message to the students who are graduating into a world that's probably very different that they entered when they started as freshmen. So I will reflect upon that I would expect,” she said.
Medical Students Launch Drive To Collect Personal Protective Equipment For Health Care Workers On COVID-19 Front LinesThey’re not ready to work on the front lines just yet, but some medical students from Northwestern University are not letting that stop them from joining in the push to help protect our doctors and nurses.