No Current Evidence Shows RAS Blockers For Blood Pressure Worsens COVID-19, Northwestern SaysNorthwestern University advised Wednesday that there is no current evidence that drugs to control blood pressure worsen COVID-19 infections.
Companies Flood Inboxes With Email Deals Amid Coronavirus CrisisChances are your inbox is flooded with COVID-19-related emails from dozens of companies.
Second Person Tests Positive For Coronavirus At Northwestern UniversityA second person has tested positive for coronavirus at Northwestern University. 
Northwestern University To Extend Spring Break, Move To E-Learning For Beginning Of Spring TermNorthwestern University has joined a list of Chicago schools that is moving to remote learning for the start of the spring term due to the coronavirus pandemic.
Hinsdale Central, Hinsdale South Latest Among Schools Impacted By Coronavirus ConcernsThis comes as schools and universities all over the Chicago area take safety measures. 
Illinois Democratic Presidential Primary Will Be Critical As Biden, Sanders Run Neck-And-NeckVirtually up for grabs – that’s where it stands right now for the top two candidates vying to become the 2020 Democratic presidential nominee.
Northwestern University Calls Off Dance Marathon Amid Coronavirus FearsNorthwestern University has canceled its annual Dance Marathon, which had been scheduled for this weekend, due to concerns about the coronavirus.
Northwestern University Canceling All Spring Break International Travel Amid Coronavirus ConcernsNorthwestern University is canceling all University-sponsored international Spring Break trips due to the coronoavirus outbreak. 
Swarm Robots Developed In Northwestern Labs Could Be Model For Self-Driving Cars Preventing Traffic JamsSome little creatures being developed in a lab could put an end to rush hour as we know it.
How A Trip To South Africa Changes The Way One Northwestern Basketball Player Looks At The Basketball Court"On down days, when I'm coming into $190 million Welsh-Ryan Arena, wow," Wolf said. "I'm like 'wow, my mindset cannot be I'm tired for all the work I have to do.' I need to bring the same energy these kids with nothing did."
Priority One For Scientists At Northwestern: Find A Treatment, Vaccine For Latest Form Of CoronavirusScientists at Northwestern University are on the front line, trying to find a vaccine and new treatment for the latest form of the coronavirus.
Students Issued Citations For Trying To Disrupt Jeff Sessions Speech At NorthwesternA small number of students have received citations from campus police at Northwestern University for their conduct outside a speaking engagement by former U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions last month.
Bird-Friendly Windows Display Success In Reducing Bird Deaths At Northwestern UniversityNearly all-window buildings have caused hundreds of bird deaths at Northwestern University. But effortrs have been launched to reduce that number.
Northwestern Student Newspaper Under Fire For Apologetic Editorial"You're not going to make everybody happy. You're not here to make friends. You're here to cover the news."
Dean Of Northwestern Journalism School 'Deeply Troubled By The Vicious Bullying' Of Student Newspaper Reporters Who Covered Protests Of Jeff Sessions' VisitWhitaker said that while he understood why the newspaper felt obligated to issue an apology, he said they were "beat into submission by the vitriol and relentless public shaming they have been subjected to since the Sessions stories appeared.