Watchdog: Trump Administration Needs To Step Up Management Of Obamacare SignupsA congressional watchdog said the Trump administration needs to step up its management of sign-up seasons for former President Barack Obama's health care law after mixed results last year in the throes of a failed GOP effort to repeal it.
Duckworth: Ending ACA Subsidies Affect The Most VulnerableSenator Tammy Duckworth says President Trump's order ending the subsidies for health insurance marketplaces is going to push many people out of being able to afford the healthcare that they need.
Rep. Lipinski Proposes Partial Obamacare FixThe Chicago Democrat is part of the 43-member House Problem Solvers Caucus.
Durbin: Health Care Vote Delay Will Display Bill's FaultsSen. Dick Durbin said the delay in the vote is good, as the public can then take a closer look at the proposed “Obamacare" replacement.
Can The Affordable Care Act Be Repaired?Some local health and elected officials say there are credible, bi-partisan ideas that could repair the Affordable Care Act.
Durbin: Republicans Need To Bring In Democrats On Health Care Reform“Here’s a simple answer: why don’t we get together? A bipartisan approach," U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin said.
At Issue: Congressman Hultgren Discusses The American Health Care ActA Republican Congressman admits the Senate will likely make changes in the HealthCare bill passed, but he said even the current bill is better for the public than so-called Obamacare.
House Republicans Expect To Pass New Health Care DealHouse Republicans were set to vote Thursday on a revamped health care deal, and this time they said they have the votes.
Demonstrators Do Victory Lap Outside Trump Tower After Health Plan StallsLacking the necessary votes, Republican leaders pulled the bill, marking the first big legislative defeat for President Trump.
Ryan, Trump Pull Health Care Bill, Canceling VoteAt President Trump's request, House Speaker Paul Ryan has pulled the GOP's health care overhaul bill from consideration.
House Republicans Plan Pivotal Vote On Health Care PlanAfter President Donald Trump demanded a make-or-break vote on the Republican health care plan, lawmakers were expected to bring the legislation to the House floor Friday after a long night of closed-door meetings.