Man In Courthouse Bathroom Overdose Video Shares Story On Opioid PodcastThe growing opioid crisis has prompted Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart to make a podcast to spread awareness of the dangers of abusing the drug. 
Researchers Say They're On The Verge Of Creating A Non-Addictive PainkillerResearchers in Massachusetts believe they may be on the brink of creating a revolutionary non-addictive painkiller.
Drug Provides New Hope In Fight Against Opioid DependenceA new report from the American Medical Association shows prescriptions for opioids are down, while the public is more informed than ever on the dangers of the drugs, which include painkillers, heroin, and fentanyl—all of which can prove lethal.
Mothers Remember Children Lost To Opioids, Gun ViolenceThey held photos of loved ones who died of opioid abuse. They say they want the dealers held accountable.
Opioid Addiction In U.S.: 7 In 10 Say It's A Very Serious Problem – CBS News PollSeventy-one percent of Americans say the issue of opioid addiction is a very serious problem for the country, and most feel the federal government should be doing more to address it.
A State Crackdown On Doctors Overprescribing Addictive And Dangerous DrugsOpioid overdoses are up 60 percent and all too often the source of those drugs are doctors, some using their medical license as a license to deal.
Mother Lost Two Sons To Opioid Abuse In Same Night, Shares Story With Thousands Of TeensAn Indiana mother lost two young sons to drugs and is now turning turning her grief into action.
Proposed Wheaton Residential Drug Rehab Facility Draws ConcernsWhile nearly 80 people were killed by opioids in DuPage County in 2017, when it comes to treatment, some are saying "not in my backyard."
Chicago Surgeon Sets Up Medication Disposal ProgramDr. Jonah Stulberg is taking steps to ensure highly-addictive opioid medications don't fall into the wrong hands.
Gov. Rauner Launches 24/7 Helpline To Combat Opioid EpidemicThe statewide helpline will provide immediate assistance for those impacted by addiction to opioids and other substances.
Are Drug Companies Playing A Role In The Opioid Crisis?A recovering opioid addict said he feels betrayed by his doctor, and he's not alone.