As Opioid Crisis Rages, Cost Of Overdose Antidote Spikes As the opioid epidemic continues to kill tens of thousands of Americans each year, the drug naloxone has proved invaluable in preventing overdose-related deaths.
OxyContin Maker Gets Patent For Drug To Treat Opioid AddictionPurdue Pharma, the maker of OxyContin, has received a patent designed to treat opioid addiction.
News Anchor Shares Story Of Her Daughter's Overdose On-AirThe day that news anchor Angela Kennecke found out her daughter died from a fentanyl overdose, she was working on a story about the opioid epidemic.
Rate Of Pregnant Women Addicted To Opioids Skyrocketed In 15 Years, CDC SaysAs the opioid epidemic continues to wreak havoc across the country, a new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) sheds light on the devastating consequences opioid addiction can have on pregnant women.
Woman Overdoses Moments After Surrendering To Illinois JailAuthorities say a woman overdosed and was saved by officers moments after she walked into a suburban Chicago jail to turn herself in on an arrest warrant.
Feds Charge 600 People In $2 Billion Opioid FeudThe arrests come as the result of what the department called the largest heath care fraud takedown ever in the U.S.
Mussels Off The Coast Of Seattle Test Positive For OpioidsScientists used mussels as a barometer of pollution in the waters off Seattle, and discovered that oxycodone is now present enough in the marine environment there for shellfish to test positive.
Are We Growing Numb To The Opioid Epidemic?"Addiction Solution" author Lloyd I. Sederer, MD, asks if we're growing desensitized to the opioid epidemic.
Illinois County Sees Its Highest Number Of Opioid OverdosesWill County in northern Illinois has seen the highest number of fatal opioid overdoses in its history.
A State Crackdown On Doctors Overprescribing Addictive And Dangerous DrugsOpioid overdoses are up 60 percent and all too often the source of those drugs are doctors, some using their medical license as a license to deal.
Mother Lost Two Sons To Opioid Abuse In Same Night, Shares Story With Thousands Of TeensAn Indiana mother lost two young sons to drugs and is now turning turning her grief into action.