Miracle Drug Or Snake Oil? CBD Gaining Popularity As Medical Treatment"Amazing," "a magic bullet," "life-changing." Those are just some of the ways people describe cannabidiol, or CBD, a product they use to treat everything from pain to mental health conditions; but is it snake oil or the real deal?
WWII Vet Finds Watch Of Fellow Service Member Killed During WarA World War Two bomber pilot survived a major crash during the war, but a fellow service member on-board did not. Now decades later, as CBS 2’s Charlie De Mar reports, a piece of him still lives.
Some Of Chicago's Iconic Clocks Need To Be Re-WoundCBS 2 took the time to check many of the city’s signature clocks over the past couple weeks.
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Taking Pricey Prostate Cancer Drug With Food Might Boost Effects, Cut CostsTaking Zytiga with food instead of while fasting could cut out-of-pocket costs by up to 75 percent for prostate cancer patients.
Driving While High: Just How Dangerous Is It?Would you like to legally light up in Cook County? That's the question voters will be asked when they go to the polls next week.
Radio Interference Preventing Dispatchers From Communicating With Officers"You guys cannot hear me in the Water Tower. You can transmit, you can't hear me."
Dozens Of Disney Princess Half Marathon Runners' Credit Cards HackedA trip to Disney World has turned dreams into nightmares for dozens of Disney Princess Half Marathon runners.
Moms Allege Plainfield School District Ignored Bullying ConcernsA group of parents claim Plainfield District 202 neglected their repeated concerns about bullying taking place in area schools.
Charity Adviser Hit With Fraud ChargesAlthea Taylor allegedly collected thousands of dollars to help aspiring businesses and charities get government approvals but failed to do the work.
Robocalls: Who, Why And How To Stop ThemIf you think you are receiving more robocalls than ever, you're correct. 30.5 billion robocalls were placed nationwide in 2017.