Wisch: If Ventura Falls Short, Ozzie Actually Makes SenseSurely, Ozzie Guillen's some lessons, and he's now expressed a willingness to return to the White Sox.
Ozzie Guillen Still Has White Sox On His Mind"I don't have any problems with the Sox," Guillen says.
Ozzie Guillen: Good 'First Step' In Making Amends With White SoxFormer White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen joined Mully and Hanley to reflect and talk baseball.
Wisch: For Ozzie Guillen, It's Manager Or BustOzzie Guillen would not make a good coach. It's manager or bust.
Guillen: Ventura Not To Blame For Poor Season From White SoxFormer White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen stopped by the Score to promote a charity softball event coming up this weekend and he also talked to the guys about how he's staying busy out of baseball.
Angi: Is Ventura Really To Blame For White Sox's Woes? Ventura shouldn’t get a free pass when it comes to taking responsibility for his team’s performance, but at the most basic level, it’s hard to see what another manager could have done with such a flawed roster.
Bernstein: Behind The Bulls ConflictTension upstairs at the Berto Center brings back the good old days of Bulls basketball.
Guillen Says He Could Still Be With White Sox Had Hahn Been Promoted EarlierBut what if the front office shake-up had happened a year or two earlier? What if Rick Hahn, who Guillen always got along with, had become GM sooner than he did? Is there a chance Guillen would still be the manager of the White Sox?
Baffoe: Are Ventura And Hahn On The Same Page?The White Sox supposedly have a progressive statistical GM with a manager willing to embrace a numbers-driven era. An organization with those in charge on the same page. The manager is willing, right?
Williams Hopes Sox Fans Remember Guillen's World Series Above All ElseThose looking for White Sox general manager Kenny Williams to take a cheap shot at Ozzie Guillen in the wake of his firing from the Marlins should keep looking.
Baffoe: Is Ozzie Guillen Baseball's Ditka?In Chicago sports montages for years and years to come, we will likely see, at some point, the face of Ozzie Guillen along with Michael Jordan, Walter Payton, Ernie Banks, Patrick Kane, and Mike Ditka.
Guillen In Hot Water With Marlins' OwnerOzzie Guillen is in hot water in Miami and his job could be in jeopardy.
Ken Williams: I Knew Ventura Would Be A Good Manager '17 Years Ago'Robin Ventura was a surprise pick for manager when White Sox GM Kenny Williams picked him to replace Ozzie Guillen last October, but Williams says he knew Ventura would be a good manager "about 17 years ago."
White Sox Release 2013 Schedule The White Sox on Wednesday released their schedule for the 2013 season.
Ozzie Guillen Returns To Twitter; Subsequently Annoys Twitterverse Marlins skipper Ozzie Guillen has returned to Twitter - and just like that, he's already annoying the entire Twitterverse.