Pace Announces $2.3 Billion Plan To Expand, Upgrade Bus ServiceThe Pace suburban bus system is dreaming big – $2.3 billion big – trying to get in on potential federal funding down the line for some of the system's long-term projects.
CTA Blames Red Line Construction, Fewer School Days For Decline In Ridership CTA bus ridership is down and the transit agency is offering a lot of reasons why.
New App Will Allow Ventra Users To Manage Account On Their Smart PhoneMetra riders are used to carrying a ticket and tucking that paper under the metal tab in front of you. But CBS 2's Ed Curran says a new app will soon let you buy a ticket for Metra on your phone and keep it there.
Pace Budget For 2015 Avoids Fare HikePace is the first Chicago-area transit agency to unveil its 2015 budget -- and it's good news for riders.
Southwest Suburbs Hit Hardest By Flooding; Burbank Schools ClosedHeavy rains have caused major flooding across much of the Chicago area overnight, especially in the southwest suburbs, where at least two school districts were forced to cancel classes at all its schools.
Pace Delays Plans For Expanded Service Pace has decided to "go slow" with plans to increase the number of buses riding the shoulder on I-55.
Pace Expected To Expand Service Of Buses Riding On Shoulders Of I-55 More buses could be riding the shoulders of I-55 next month.
Final Transition To Ventra Goes Smoothly For CTA, PaceThe CTA and Pace say they're not aware of any problems with the final changeover to Ventra cards. WBBM's Bob Roberts spoke with both agencies.
Despite Unclear Future, RTA Signs $5 Million Ad CampaignThe Regional Transportation Authority may not even be around in a few months, yet it has just signed a 38-month, $5 million advertising contract targeting markets that have eluded the area's transit agencies.
Pace To Offer New Express Service To Brookfield ZooPace wants to make it easier this summer for CTA riders to get to the Brookfield Zoo.
Holdouts Finally Making The Switch To VentraMore than 200 people lined up at the Jefferson Park branch library to make the switch Thursday. A few elderly customers said they merely waited until CTA came to them, because the trip to CTA headquarters in the West Loop was too much.
CTA, Pace Begin Phasing Out Old Fare Cards Ahead Of Full Switch To VentraCTA officials said 86 percent of its fares are now paid with a Ventra card, and the agency is pushing the last of its riders to make the switch to Ventra. Pace riders have been slower to make the change, with about 60 percent of the suburban bus agency’s fares paid with Ventra cards.
RTA Boss Doubts Plan For Transit SuperagencyRTA Chairman John Gates said he wants the agency to concentrate on what he considers doable -- and said his priority remains finding new money for capital repairs and rehabilitation.
Harsh Winter Takes A Toll On CTA, Pace BudgetsThe polar vortex has blown a hole in the CTA and Pace budgets, but neither agency is pushing the panic button yet.
Ventra Cards Become Only Way To Pay For CTA, Pace On July 1When Ventra was first unveiled in September, there were massive teething problems.