Medical Supply Phone Scam Targets Seniors, Costs Medicare MillionsIf you're in pain, a free back or neck brace sounds like a good deal, but it's really part of a multi-million dollar scam by many different companies that are ripping taxpayers off.
FTC Legal Team Honored For Uncovering Wire Fraud Scams"We think billions of dollars were flowing through Western Union since about 2004 to scammers. International scammers."
2 Investigators: Major Home Construction, Rehab Work Being Done Without City PermitsIt’s happening in thousands of Chicago homes: major construction or rehab work is being done without city permits.
2 Investigators: Fans Scammed Out Of Millions Of Dollars By Fake Celebrity AccountsImagine your favorite celebrity reaching out to you on social media. At first you're thrilled, but this brush with greatness can soon take a sinister turn.  One that is costing people millions of dollars.   CBS 2 Investigator Pam Zekman reports.
Heart Attack Victim Waited 43 Minutes To Get To The Hospital; 'That's Absolutely Awful'State standards require fire departments to provide advance life support assistance within six minutes.
Heart Attack Victim Waited 43 Minutes To Get To The Hospital; 'That's Absolutely Awful'Minutes count when you are having a heart attack, but it took the Chicago Fire Department more than 40 minutes to get a 56-year-old man to a hospital for help earlier this month.
City Officials Won't Remedy Smelly Window Problem Near Chicago Airports Until FallCity officials say they plan to remedy the problem, but won’t start until the fall when additional testing is done.
2 Investigators: Smelly Windows Near Airports Caused By Screen MeshResidents near Chicago’s airports say their sound-insulated windows, installed by the city, emit noxious fumes. It is the PVC coated material of the screen mesh is what’s creating the odor.