PAWS Chicago Announces Offer Of $5,000 Reward For Cat Who Was Taken In Boystown CarjackingA $5,000 reward was being offered Monday for the safe return of a cat that was in the back seat of a car that was carjacked in Boystown last week.
PAWS Chicago Rescues 10 Dogs, 15 Cats From Louisiana Shelters After Hurricane LauraPAWS Chicago is taking care of a some cats and dogs from Louisiana after a rescue group arrived back in Chicago Sunday morning. 
PAWS Dog Of The Week: BlakelyBlakely is energetic and will do well with a companion that matches her high energy. She would also do best in a home with a backyard and with children over the age of 12. 
PAWS Dog Of The Week: ColbyAll next week, PAWS Chicago is waving adoption fees for select long term dogs and cats like Colby who've had a harder time finding their homes.
PAWS Dog Of The Week: PierrePierre is the PAWS dog of the week. 
PAWS Dog Of The Week: RafiHe is a comfortable, playful pup who loves to play with tennis balls and toys. Rafi also appreciates a cuddle and enjoys sprawling out for a nap.
PAWS Pets Of The Week: Chilli And BenedictThe PAWS pets of the week are Chilli and Benedict. 
PAWS Dog Of The Week: AlistairAlistair is the PAWS Dog of the week.
PAWS Dog Of The Week: MarisolShe would be a wonderful companion for anyone looking for the love of a senior dog.
PAWS Dog Of The Week: JustineShe would make a wonderful addition to a family that would work on her training and give her the loving life she deserves.
PAWS Dog Of The Week: RockoRocko's foster family mention he does a funny dance when you scratch the right spot.