PAWS Rescues Pets From Areas Hit By Hurricane IdaThese pets will be available to adopt after they get the all-clear from veterinarians.
PAWS Chicago Volunteers Help Animal Shelters Affected By Hurricane IdaVolunteers will bring back dozens of cats and dogs that were already in shelters before the hurricane hit. That will make space for pets separated from their owners by the storm.
PAWS Chicago Sends Volunteers To Areas Hit By Hurricane IdaSome of the needed supplies include bottled water, dry and canned pet food, cleaning supplies, kitten and puppy milk replacer, leashes, collars and flea and tick medication.
PAWS Pet Of The Week: AkaraPAWS Chicago is accepting cryptocurrency through Dogecoin, Bitcoin and Ethereum.
PAWS Pet Of The Week: Maximo
PAWS Pets Of The Week: Hamlock And RandallHamlock and Randall are truly bonded. They curl together for naps and go on walks together.
PAWS Pet Of The Week: ZetaThis happy-go-lucky puppy loves squeaky toys, delicious treats and if there's a lap to lay in, she'll find it.
PAWS Pet Of The Week: Stan LeeHe loves adventures outside with his people but also does well when left alone at home. Stan Lee hopes to find a fun family who will love him unconditionally.
'How Many Hugs And Kisses Can You Give?' PAWS Chicago Needs Foster Parents"We provide all the medical care. We provide the food, the supplies so there's no cost to you. It's just love."
PAWS Pet Of The Week: ReidYou can join PAWS Chicago for the 21st annual 5K. It takes place on Saturday September 18. 
PAWS Pet Of The Week: TadTad is one of many cats in PAWS Chicago's Comeback Kitty adoption event, going on now through Wednesday July 21. Adoption fees are waived for cats one-year-old and older.
PAWS Pet Of The Week: BelleOn Saturday July 10 and Sunday July 11, PAWS Chicago is waiving adoption fees for all "underdogs" searching for a home.
PAWS Pet Of The Week: AlistairPAWS Chicago is now open for in-person adoption appointments. Meet Alistair, along with many other adorable dogs and cats through the PAWS Chicago adoption process.
PAWS Pet Of The Week: WaferPAWS hopes to find home for 350 kittens before September 30.
PAWS Pet Of The Week: TankTank loves going on walks, playing fetch and playing tug with his toys.