Parents Want Dedicated Squad Car For Brighton Park School After ShootingsParents of James Shields Elementary School presented a petition to Chicago police, hoping to keep their kids safe.
Long Grove Residents Fight To Preserve 111-Year-Old BridgeA petition to fight change in Long Grove is growing, as village leaders take steps to potentially convert a 111-year-old bridge.
Blagojevich Supporter Starts Petition Asking Obama To Grant ClemencyAn Elmwood Park man has started a petition drive asking President Barack Obama to grant clemency to Rod Blagojevich, after a federal judge declined reduce the disgraced former governor’s 14-year prison sentence.
Self-Styled Boat Rocker Proposes Renaming Humboldt Park For HarambeA man who thinks wild animals don’t belong in zoos has launched a petition to rename Humboldt Park after Harambe, the gorilla shot and killed at the Cincinnati Zoo in May after a child got in the ape’s enclosure.
New "Polka Dot Park" Fails To Hit The Spot With Some Lakeview ResidentsSome residents in Lakeview have launched a petition drive to do away with the new Lincoln Hub, a so-called “placemaking” installation at the six-corner intersection of Lincoln, Southport, and Wellington avenues.
Pride Parade To Stay In Lakeview; Activist Petitioning For Move DowntownDespite some opposition from some members of the community, the annual Pride Parade will stay in the Boystown area of Lakeview this year.
Musicians + Sports: Weird Al Yankovic On His Chances Of Performing At The Super BowlA recent petition hoping to get Weird Al onstage during halftime of the year's biggest football game got the "Eat Singer" thinking just what he would do if ever given the opportunity.
Protest Group: Give All Chicago Workers Paid Sick DaysThe group supports an ordinance that was introduced to the Chicago City Council this spring that calls for employers to give all workers -- both full and part-time -- at least five sick days a year.
Aussies To Deliver Petition Opposing McDonald's In Small Mountain TownThe residents of a small Australian mountain town have gathered more than 90,000 signatures from people opposed to a McDonald’s restaurant, and planned to deliver them by hand to McDonald’s headquarters in Oak Brook on Tuesday.
Illinois Residents Join Secession Petition TrendAt least seven states have filed petitions asking to secede from the union--enough to require a response from the White House, anyway.
Neighbors Fight CTA's Plan To Cut Most Of Lincoln Avenue Bus RouteSome neighbors are furious at a plan by the Chicago Transit Authority that would the No. 11 Lincoln Avenue bus from Lincoln Square to Lincoln Park.