Lemont Refinery Up And Running Again, Gas Prices Going Back DownThere were some initial fears the Citgo refinery in Lemont could be shut down completely for six months or more, after a large fire last Wednesday night.
Chicago Area Gas Prices Begin To DropFor the first time this year, Chicago area drivers are seeing some relief at the pump, as gas prices have started going down.
Experts: Gas Prices May Have Hit Their PeakAfter weeks of dour outlooks and record highs, gas prices in greater Chicago have receded – potentially for the rest of the travel season.
Chicago Gas Prices Hit Highest Level In HistoryThe average price of gas continues to jump ever closer to $5 per gallon, with prices up 18 cents per gallon in the last week.
Record-Breaking Chicago Gas Prices Remain Nation's HighestGas prices have climbed 11 cents over just the past two weeks, and Chicago remains the highest on the list.
Tensions In Iran Jacking Up Oil, Gas Prices EverywhereOil prices are spiking after Iran cut off exports to Britain and France and threatened to expand the embargo to other European countries, and that means gas prices are skyrocketing too.
Gas Prices Jump 14 Cents Overnight; Analyst Can't Explain WhyIf you've filled your gas tank Thursday, you probably noticed a sudden spike in prices.
Expert: High Oil Prices May Not Mean Higher Gas PricesOil has been trading above $100 a barrel for the first time since July, but a local expert doesn’t think that will translate into significantly higher prices at the pump.
Gas Prices Finally Starting To FallGas prices are finally coming down – and quickly. Prices at pumps in Chicago are nearly 10 cents a gallon cheaper than just one week ago.
Chicagoans Labor Under Higher Gas Prices As Holiday Weekend NearsGas prices in Chicago are higher than they were a week ago. That stings. CBS 2's Kristyn Hartman reports.
Expert: Strategic Oil Reserve Release Should Cut Gas PricesJust as prices already were falling, governments around the world are making a move to bring down the cost of oil even faster.