Artist Adds Ochoa-Lopez Baby To Pilsen MuralAn artist who memorialized Marlen Ochoa through a mural in Pilsen is now adding her infant son as well.
MISSING: Omar Lopez, 43, From PilsenOmar Lopez, 43, has been reported missing from the Pilsen neighborhood. 
Video Shows Dramatic Moments Of Pilsen Crash With State TrooperThe driver, who set off an airbag, slipped out the front passenger door and ran from the scene and remains on the run.
Pilsen Community Honors Marlen Ochoa With Mural Painted In Her HonorA mural appeared over the weekend in Chicago's Pilsen neighborhood, where Marlen Ochoa lived.
Hundreds In Pilsen Prepare For Easter With Religious Trek On Good FridayCatholics across Chicago are marking Good Friday by attending mass and preparing for Easter Sunday.
'It's Another Cost, It's Another Permit'; HaiSous Owners Share Costs Of Opening A Business In Chicago; 'It Was A Whirlwind'It’s the American dream to open your own business, but it can be an expensive bureaucratic headache. CBS 2 Morning Insider walks us through the costly steps in Chicago.
Pilsen Developers Question Embattled Ald. Solis About Pulling The Plug On Residential-Retail Building"Everybody else in the community wanted it. And for no real reason, for no good reason, no rational reason, he dezoned it. His motives and his motivations are the key to this case and we want to depose him."
Woman Killed In Pilsen FireA 48-year-old woman was killed in an early morning fire in the Pilsen neighborhood. 
Rapid Change In Temperature Causes Pipes To BurstA woman stranded in an elevator waist deep in water is just one instance of the damage the rapid change in temperature can have on pipes.
Acero Strikers March To Ald. Burke's OfficeOn the picket line since Tuesday, they're demanding smaller class sizes and wages on par with public school teachers.
Chicago Restaurant Owner Addresses Mental Health Concerns In The Food Service IndustryDisturbing rates of suicide and substance abuse in the restaurant industry have been swept under the rug for years, but now change may be coming from within the industry, and a Pilsen restaurant is leading the way.