Study Shows Chicago Plastic Bag Usage Has Dropped Since Bag TaxMayor Rahm Emanuel announced Monday that Chicagoans significantly reduced the average number of disposable bags used per shopping trip.
Chicago Plastic Bag Ban Ends In 2017; New Bag Tax Delayed Until FebruaryIn 2017, the city will repeal its ban on plastic bags, but will push back a new shopping bag tax by a month.
Chicago's Ban On Plastic Bags Undermined By Loophole, Critic SaysSome large retailers can simply hand out "reusable" bags -- thicker than the old plastic bags -- which customers may or may not remember to bring back. CBS 2's Dorothy Tucker reports.
Partial Bans On Plastic Bags Begin In Chicago, Evanston
Evanston's Phase-Out Of Plastic Bags Begins SoonBeginning Aug. 1, large retailers in the north suburb will not be giving out plastic bags at checkout.
Aldermen OK Ban On Plastic Bags, Delay Ride-Sharing RulesThe City Council voted 36-10 to ban large chain stores from providing plastic bags to customers, starting next summer.
City Council Committee Approves Partial Ban On Plastic BagsThe Chicago City Council's Health and Environment Committee has given preliminary approval to a partial ban on retailers using those flimsy and ubiquitous plastic bags.
Ordinance To Exempt Restaurants, Small Stores From Plastic Bag BanThe amended ordinance would exempt all restaurants from the ban, as well as small independent retailers – stores which have a size of less than 10,000 square feet, and which are not part of a chain of three or more stores.
Aldermen Delay Vote On Plastic Bag BanMany aldermen still want to ban the ubiquitous plastic grocery bags they feel are clogging landfills, but some want to exempt small, independent retailers from the ordinance.
Retailers Warn Of Cost Of Banning Plastic BagsAldermen agree something must be done to limit the number of plastic retail store bags clogging landfills, but they still haven’t decided what, exactly, to do about the problem.
Mayor: Proposed Ban On Plastic Bags Needs 'A Lot Of Work'Mayor Rahm Emanuel said a proposed ordinance to ban plastic shopping bags in Chicago stores must be changed before a vote by the full City Council.