Chicago Winter Forecast Could Be Wild In 2014-15 Meteorologists don't take much stock in predictions from the Farmer's Almanac, which is calling for a frigid winter season, but there are more scientific signs that Chicago would see a wild one in 2014-15.
Doctors Expecting Boom Of "Polar Vortex Babies"Obstetricians and hospitals across Illinois were expecting a bit of a baby boom in the next couple months, all thanks to the infamous polar vortex this past winter.
Polar Vortex Part II: Record Low Cold Possible Next WeekEnjoy the warm, sunny weather while you can. The polar vortex probably will rear its ugly head again in Chicago next week, though luckily we won’t need to break out the snow shovels and parkas.
Sick Of The Fog? Blame The Polar VortexIf you’ve felt like you’ve been living in San Francisco the past couple weeks, that’s just another weird weather phenomenon you can blame on the brutal weather this past winter.
Winter 2014 Marches On: Another Sub-Zero Day, More Snow The overnight temperature dipped to one degree below zero at O'Hare International Airport, making Wednesday the 23rd day of sub-zero temperatures this winter.
To Chicago: The City That Braves Fire And IceIhab Abouzeid arrived in Chicago in early January. And what was the city's welcoming gift?
Coping Strategies For Dealing With Vortex Of Cold It's been a constant cycle for weeks, and the constant snow and brutal cold is beginning to take it's toll on our psyche.
Cold From Polar Vortex Making Sound Travel Slower, Seem LouderSince the polar vortex started spinning into town this week - you may have noticed that some things sound louder than usual.