UCLA Men’s Volleyball Team Adjusts To Frigid Chicago TemperaturesChicagoans aren't used to this extreme cold, so imagine what it must be like for Californians who just arrived in town. UCLA's fifth-ranked men's volleyball team will play two matches in the Chicago area this week at Loyola University and Lewis University, so they've had to adapt. 
Frigid Temperatures Turn Chicago Into A Ghost TownNot many people ventured outside Wednesday in Chicago. The temperature never rose above zero degrees.
A Visit To The Coldest Spot In ChicagolandThe National Weather Service says the Aurora Municipal Airport is so cold because it is located in a geographical depression that allows cold air to funnel in and collect.
ComEd Working To Restore Power To Homes During Historic Cold SnapJust over 2,000 ComEd customers were without power as of 4 p.m. Wednesday, and ComEd has already restored power to 55,000 customers who lost power overnight.
Contractor Explains Why Chicagoans Are Hearing Loud Cracking SoundsChicagoans have been startled by loud booms and cracking sounds, and they're not sure where the noise is coming from.
Chicago's Largest Homeless Shelter Took In About 800 People Tuesday During Night Of Deadly ColdAs temperatures plunged to dangerous wind chills Tuesday night in Chicago, a man in a wheelchair pulled up to the doors of Pacific Garden Mission, a homeless shelter that was already filled well beyond capacity with people seeking comfort from the deadly elements of the night.
Six Tips To Protect Your Eyes During The 2019 Polar VortexAs the Chicago area experiences record-breaking low temperatures and dangerous wind chills, eye care is critical.
It's 87 Degrees And Sunny In Chicago, (But It's The One In Guatemala)If you love Chicago but hate the weather, you might want to try Guatemala or Nicaragua.
Chicago Weather Forecast Calls For More Snow Thursday Before Temperatures RiseAs Chicago endures record-breaking cold temperatures , Mother Nature is adding more snow into the mix Thursday afternoon.
Chicago's Polar Vortex Got You Down? Technology Can Help Ease The PainBack in the last week of January in 1994 the scene in Chicago looked the same. People wrapped themselves in fur coats, scarves and hats and tried their best to block the bitter cold.
Chicago Weather: What Does 50 Below Feel Like? Skin Feels Like It's Burning In SecondsWhat does 50 below feel like?
Firefighters Prepare For Cold With 'Sub Zero' Plan In PlaceFrozen fire hydrants are just on the challenges firefighters will be up against as the arctic air continues to move in. Luckily, local firefighter have "sub zero" plan in place.
Chicago Weather: What Exactly Is The Polar Vortex?The Polar Vortex. What is it?
What Happens To Your Body In The Extreme Cold? Beware Of Hypothermia, FrostbiteThe best advice for avoiding the adverse affects of the extreme cold gripping the Chicago area this week is to stay indoors, but if you must venture out in the sub-zero temperatures, experts say to avoid frostbite and hypothermia by dressing in layers and covering exposed skin.
Polar Vortex Flashback? Chicago Braces For Sharp Arctic Slap In The FaceChicago endured the coldest day of the winter season Friday, but the worst is still ahead of us.