Police Reform Bill Goes To Pritzker's Desk Despite Law Enforcement BacklashAll it takes is the governor's signature and Illinois' new police reform bill becomes law, despite backlash from members of law enforcement and other unions. 
Opposition For Illinois Police Reform Bill That Holds Officers Liable For Civil Suits When Violating Constitutional Rights, Requires Body CamerasPolice reform legislation in the Illinois Senate is facing major opposition from some lawmakers and police unions.
Hundreds Hold Caravan In Favor Of Police Reform In Wake Of Anjanette Young Wrong Raid ExposureThere is growing support for Anjanette Young, who was the target of a botched Chicago Police raid.
'Legal Equalizer' App Helps People Know Their Rights, Safely Interact With Police: 'Accountability On All Sides For Everybody'The Founder and CEO of the Legal Equalizer app hopes that it will help to de-escalate situations between police and citizens by providing accountability on all sides.
Suspect Charged With Murder Of Teen Activist Caleb ReedA suspect has been arrested and charged with the murder of teen activist Caleb Reed last month.
Lightfoot With Mayors, Police Chiefs Release New Police Reform RecommendationsThe goal is to make it clear that reform works and makes communities safer.
Heartbreak After 17-Year-Old Activist Caleb Reed Is Found Shot DeadCaleb Reed was just 17 years old, trying to change lives in the city’s Black and Latinx communities. On Monday night, police were trying to find his killer.
Retiring First Deputy Police Supt. Anthony Riccio Talks Candidly About Crime And RaceAnthony Riccio has served nine police superintendents in Chicago, and he has seen a lot over the years. But now, the Chicago police first deputy superintendent is retiring.
Mayor Lori Lightfoot Urges Congress To Include Mayors In Discussions Of Police Reform Legislation; 'We're On The Front Lines'“I think they’ve got to listen and invite us into the conversation. Mayors are on the front lines. We’ve been on the front lines through COVID-19. That work continues. We're on the front lines when it comes to police reform and accountability,” she told CNN in a Skype interview.
Chicago Police Department Misses 71% Of Deadlines For Consent Decree Reforms; 'We're Not Doing A Slow Roll'"So you think about how reform takes place, and reform is not going to be done overnight," Chicago Police Deputy Superintendent Barbara West said.
Mayor Lightfoot Joins Town Hall On Police Reform, Racial Justice With 3 Other Black Women MayorsMayor Lori Lightfoot took part in a special town hall on CNN Sunday night for an in-depth discussion on police reform and racial justice.