President Trump Grants Clemency To Charles Duke Tanner, Gary Professional Boxer Who Initially Got Life In Prison For Drug ConspiracyPresident Donald Trump this week granted clemency to Charles Duke Tanner, a former professional boxer from Gary, Indiana who was initially sentenced to life in prison for drug conspiracy.
Indiana Governor Challengers Name Education Department PicksThe switch to a governor-appointed state education secretary was originally approved by Indiana’s General Assembly, with a planned start date of 2025.
U.S. Senate Candidate Willie Wilson Reports He Has Now Tested Negative For COVID-19 After QuarantineU.S. Senate candidate Willie Wilson reported Wednesday night that he has tested negative for COVID-19 after earlier testing positive and quarantining for 14 days.
Chicago's Budget: What Are Residents Paying For?Facing an unprecedented $1.2 billion shortfall for next year, Mayor Lori Lightfoot on Wednesday proposed a $94 million property tax hike, a 3 cents per gallon increase in the city's gas tax, hundreds of layoffs, and eliminating nearly 2,000 vacant positions.
Mayor Lightfoot's Budget Proposal Calls For Cuts To Police Budget, But Mayor Remains Against Defunding PoliceIn Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s budget proposal calls for the Chicago Police Department to cut a big chunk of its own budget.
Mayor Lori Lightfoot Proposes Property Tax Hike, Gas Tax Increase, Layoffs, Other Job Cuts To Close $1.2 Billion GapWith no financial help on the horizon from Congress or the state, the mayor said the city must rely on making "shared sacrifices" to address the economic crisis created by the pandemic.
'Banality Punctured By Moments Of Sheer Horror:' A Reporter Remembers The Real Trial Of The Chicago 7Fifty-one years after it happened, the Trial of the Chicago Seven is top of mind in Chicago and around the country thanks to an eponymous Netflix movie. Topanga Bird, formerly known as Marti Ahern, was there for the real thing.
Record Mail-In Ballots For 2020 Election Mean Record Postal CostsThe record number of mail-in ballots for the 2020 election has also meant record postal costs.
Mayor Lightfoot Placed On Hot Seat About What She Knew About Former Police Supt. Eddie Johnson's Relationship With Officer Now SuingMayor Lori Lightfoot was on the hot seat Monday about what she did and did not know about the relationship between former Chicago Police Supt. Eddie Johnson and Chicago Police Officer Cynthia Donald – who is now suing Johnson for sexual assault.
Early Voting Sites For Suburban Chicago Now OpenSuburban voters whose commute takes them thru union station can now vote before or after they get off the train.
Voters Concerned Mail-In Ballots Won't Be Processed: 'What's Going On?'The online tracking will show them still there until election judges triple check signatures to verify the ballots.