NU Prohibits Pot Use For Students On Colorado Ski TripNorthwestern University's annual Colorado ski trip has sold out for the first time. But as WBBM's Bob Roberts reports live, those who hope to use it as an excuse to "get high" legally are getting a warning.
Aurora Man Charged With Punching Cop To Avoid Pot Arrest A west suburban Aurora man was charged with aggravated battery of a police officer Wednesday afternoon after police attempted to chase down several men believed to be using marijuana, the Beacon News reports.
Elmhurst Man Arrested For Selling Candy-Laced Cannabis An Elmhurst man has been arrested for selling cannabis, some laced with candy, to customers in the western suburb.
Might Want To Throw Your Pot Away Before Dealing With Security Some security check points force patrons to empty their pockets, remove their belts and shoes, and undergo a frisking.
Anonymous Tip Leads Cops To 7,000 Pounds Of PotAn anonymous tip led police to a warehouse in the Englewood neighborhood and the discovery of about 7,000 pounds of cannabis hidden among pallets of cilantro.
Occupant Of Pot-Growing House Killed When Car Crashes Through FrontA 28-year-old Lockport Township man was killed Saturday when a neighbor’s runaway car crashed into his home, where first-responders found marijuana growing.
Cops: Home Engineered Into Marijuana Growing PlantFrom the outside, the house on West 32nd Street looked like a regular home, but inside "it looked like something out of a bad B-movie," according to a Cicero police official.
800 Pounds Of Pot Worth $2.5M Lands Two Men Behind BarsTwo men have been charged after police found them with more than 800 pounds of cannabis on the Southwest Side.

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