Drivers Hit Bump In Road Trying To Get Refunds For Pothole DamageA driver who hit a pothole along the Indiana Toll Road has been facing bumps in the road, trying to get a refund for the damage to his car.
Hammond Shuts Down Busy State Line Road, Gives No Notice To ChicagoThe City Of Hammond shut down its part of 134th Street, which becomes 136th Street in Indiana, indefinitely Friday--leaving drivers scrambling for a detour across the state line into Chicago. 
Hammond Mayor Suggests Businesses Should Be Responsible For Road From IL To INThe City of Chicago was patching up potholes on the far southeast side Thursday morning, just hours after a CBS 2 story exposing car damage from a bumpy stretch of 134th Street. 
Crumbling Stretch Of Dempster Street Paves Way To Frustration; 'Where’s The Money For This Road?'Lawns, curbs, and medians up and down Dempster Street have been littered with pebbles and large chunks of the crumbling pavement.
IDOT Announces Effort To Fix Expressway Potholes The Illinois Department of Transportation announced the start of pothole patching operations.
Huge Potholes Taking Toll On Drivers In RiverdaleNew potholes have been popping up all over Chicago streets, after all the big swings in temperatures in recent weeks, but some big potholes in the Riverdale neighborhood have been especially destructive.
Bad Alley Has Gone Unpaved For Years; 'It Almost Looks Third Worldish'Winter’s harsh conditions can take a major toll on city streets, but the holes and cracks that form in alleys can take significant time to completely repair.
Chicago Crews Prepare To Patch Up Persistent Pothole Problems"It certainly doesn't do the pavement good to have these 50 degree temperature swings."
Ford City Drive Riddled With Massive PotholesA half mile stretch of 77th Street in Chicago may be one of the worst roads in the city. From the intersection of 77th and Kostner down to Pulaski, the road is riddled with massive potholes.
2 Investigators: Chicago's Missing Manhole CoversSince 2016, there have been 3,449 complaints of missing manhole covers and grates throughout the city of Chicago.
Crews Rush To Patch Problematic Potholes"It's hitting the pothole, damaging your suspension, possibly damaging the body and possibly hitting other people."