Chicago 7-Year-Old Raises Money For Hospital's Pandemic GearThe money has paid for masks, goggles, face shields and gloves for medical workers and visitors.
PPE Shortages Remain A Problem At Dental Office, Plastic Surgery ClinicGrappling with supply shortages is still a reality for several small businesses.
Chicago Company iPromo Launches A Mission To Get People To Clean Up PPE LitterThere’s no doubt you’ve seen masks and gloves littered in the streets across the city, and according to researchers, it is happening around the world.
Gov. Pritzker On Federal COVID-19 Response: States Forced To Play 'Sick' Hunger Games Gameshow"In the midst of a global pandemic states were forced to play some sort of sick "Hunger Games" game show to save the lives of our people. Let me be clear, this is not a reality TV show. There are real things that are happening in the United States."
Suburban Nurse Gets COVID-19, Infects Her Family After Hospital Says Don't Wear MaskAs a nurse, I'm bringing this home. I felt at one point that I was murdering my husband because of what I brought to my family. It is breaking my heart every day."
Chicago Taxi Drivers To Receive $200 A Year From City For Personal Protective EquipmentChicago cab drivers are getting some help to buy masks and other safety equipment. 
Chicago Taxi Drivers Will Get $200 A Year For PPEChicago is giving more taxi drivers money for personal protective gear. 
Medical Students Get Donations Of Equipment To South Shore HospitalMedical students from across the Chicago area are getting donations of essential supplies to doctors fighting COVID-19.
Precious Cargo: Secret Flight From China Brings Badly Needed COVID-19 Supplies To Illinois"It is true that the federal government seems to be interrupting supplies that are being sent elsewhere in the nation. And so I wanted to make sure we receive what we ordered."
Illinois Comptroller's Office Finds Itself Paying $3.5 Million For PPE In McDonald's Parking Lot During Coronavirus CrisisAs the number of cases of COVID-19 climbs, so does the demand for personal protective equipment, or PPE.
CBS 2 Investigators: Officers Unprotected At COVID-19 Testing SitesA lawyer for the the Joliet Police Union said there is an overall lack of direction for these officers, along with a lack of protective gear. And the fear and frustration from the cops on the street is growing.