Burke Resigns As Finance Committee Chair, To Be Stripped Of Police Security Detail In Wake Of Corruption CaseA day after longtime Ald. Edward Burke (14th) was charged with attempted extortion, he is already losing a great deal of his power and influence in the City Council.
Ald. Edward Burke, Facing Corruption Charge, Resigns As Finance Committee ChairmanWhile insisting he's "done nothing wrong" Ald. Edward Burke (14th) is stepping down as chairman of the City Council Finance Committee, after he was charged with attempted extortion, the mayor's office announced Friday morning.
CBS 2's Top 10 Web Stories Of 2018CBS 2's top 10 web stories of 2018, based on popularity among viewers
Family And Colleagues Say Goodbye To Officer Eduardo Marmolejo; Second CPD Funeral In Two DaysMarmolejo was killed alongside Officer Conrad Gary on Monday when they were responding to a call of shots fired and were hit by a train.
Elon Musk To Unveil Underground Tunnel, Transport CarsThe company says on its website that the reason such a system hasn't been done before is that tunnels can be as expensive as $1 billion a mile to dig.
More New CPD Officers Are Hitting The Streets. But Are They Enough?For years, Mayor Emanuel and his first police superintendent, Garry McCarthy claimed Chicago didn't need more officers and that extra manpower needs could be handled through overtime. But as crime rose and overtime soared, Emanuel changed course, after firing McCarthy in the Laquan McDonald fallout.
Candy Maker Ferrara Moving To Chicago“The Old Post Office will be more than just a workspace. It will be a destination, and one that is consistent with the brand, culture and community we are building at Ferrara."
Emanuel's Pension Plan Backs Legalized Marijuana, Chicago Casino, Constitutional Amendments, More BorrowingMayor Rahm Emanuel is sounding the alarm on the city’s looming pension crisis, and he will ask state lawmakers to legalize recreational marijuana, authorize a Chicago casino, and approve changing the state constitution to help address the problem.