2 Investigators: Will Disaster Strike Before Rail-Car Upgrades?The Chicagoland area is the No. 1 corridor in the nation for the transport of hazardous materials like crude oil, ethanol and other flammable chemicals. And that leaves a lot of people worrying about the worst-case scenario, CBS 2's Pam Zekman reports.
CTA Retires Last Of 2400-Series Train Cars Built In 1970sThe CTA is marking another milestone in the modernization of its rapid transit fleet.
Metra Seeking Annual Fare Hikes Over Next Decade, Including Nearly 11 Percent Next YearChicago-area commuters have never seen anything like it. Metra has proposed fare increases averaging 10.8 percent, starting in February, with the guarantee of additional increases every year through 2024.
Ex-Felons To Keep Jobs With CTA, Cleaning BusesIt appears that 60 ex-felon apprentice car-cleaners will keep their jobs at the CTA -- but they will be cleaning buses instead of rapid transit cars for the foreseeable future.
Idle Rail Cars Finally Removed From Indiana TownThe view has improved, and so too the economy, in the town of New Castle, Ind., where the rail cars have moved on.
Metra Set To Receive New Cars For Electric District Line Metra will begin taking delivery of 160 long-awaited cars for its Electric District service around Labor Day.
CTA Unveils New Rail Cars, Will Debut On Pink LineThe CTA on Tuesday unveiled its new rail cars, which will debut on the Pink Line.
CTA To Add Security Cameras To TrainsThe CTA this spring will use proceeds from a federal Homeland Security grant to equip half of its rail car fleet with security cameras.
New CTA "L" Cars Coming, But Not Until Next YearThe CTA has a present for its riders – 300 additional new ‘L’ cars. But you won’t see them for a while.
New CTA Cars Begin Orange Line TestNew cars' power system means no mix-and-matching.