Opinion: How NOT To Comment On Sexual Assault Cases"I have a suggestion for anyone who isn't familiar with the complexities of sexual assault in America: shut up."
Harvey Settles Lawsuit Over Mishandled Rape CasesThe city of Harvey has settled a series of lawsuits stemming from rape kits that went untested for years.
Aldermen Call For Answers On Possible Rape Kit Backlog Two Chicago aldermen plan to ask a City Council committee to investigate if there is a backlog of unprocessed rape kits involving Chicago sexual assaults.
Legislation Would Change Statute Of Limitations In Rape CasesA bill once again before lawmakers would start the clock ticking once a rape kit is processed. CBS 2's Dana Kozlov reports.
Rape Victim Mortified At Being Billed For Forensic ExamA sexual assault forensic nurse from suburban Chicago was thinking of moving away from Illinois, to get away from memories of her own rape, and the nightmare she experienced afterwards when the hospital demanded she pay for her rape kit.
Pursuit For Justice After Robbins Failed To Pursue Hundreds Of Rape CasesA total of 200 rape kits that Robbins police either never sent to the crime lab or never fully investigated have now been analyzed, and authorities say there are known suspects walking the streets.
Dozens Of Rape Kits Found Sitting In Robbins Police Department Dozens of kits used to gather evidence in sexual assaults were recently discovered sitting in an room in a south suburban police station--including some from over 25 years ago.
Harvey Failed To Process Hundreds Of Rape Kits, Lawsuit Claims A federal class-action lawsuit has been filed against the city of Harvey, accusing it of failing to process 200 rape kits.
State Police Vow To Eliminate Rape Kit BacklogThe Illinois State Police Crime Lab is promising to examine each and every rape kit that has gone unexamined because police departments merely put them in storage.