Aldermen Burke, Lopez Delay City Council Vote On Mayor Lightfoot's Plan For $377 Million In Federal COVID-19 Relief FundsLightfoot said the $377 million in federal grants include $179 million for the Chicago Department of Public Health’s response to the pandemic, and $79.8 million for the Department of Housing for rental assistance programs.
Aldermen Propose Adding Immigration Status And Gender Identity To City's Hate Crime ProtectionsTwo aldermen are proposing a measure to expand the city's hate crime ordinance to add protections for people based on their gender identity or their citizenship and immigration status.
City Council To Hold More Frequent Budget Hearings In 2021 And 2022Aldermen will begin holding quarterly budget meetings next year, and starting next month will hold an annual meeting on the Chicago Police Department budget outside of the City Council’s annual budget hearings in October and November.
City Council Votes To Ban Sale Of Flavored Vaping Products In ChicagoThe measure, approved by a 46-4 vote on Wednesday, would ban the sale of all flavored vaping products in Chicago stores, except those that taste or smell like tobacco.
Aldermen Back Ordinance Requiring Landlords To Give Some Tenants' More Notice Before Ending LeasesHousing Commissioner Marisa Novara said tenants currently can be forced to move out of their homes with as little as 30 days’ notice when a landlord decides to terminate or not renew their lease, or to increase their rent.
Mayor Lori Lightfoot Lashes Out At Alderman For 'Illegally' Recording Call, Leaking Profane Argument Over Looting“There were a lot of incredible emotions that were shared in that call by fellow aldermen, now all of whom don’t feel secure or safe coming together with their colleagues, because of one individual who decided to illegally tape a conversation that was intended to be a private conversation among all of us," Lightfoot said.
Mayor Lori Lightfoot And Ald. Raymond Lopez Have Foul-Mouthed Argument Over Looting; 'You’re 100% Full Of S***' Mayor SaysAld. Raymond Lopez (15th) accused the mayor of being unprepared when looting spread from downtown to the neighborhoods more than a week ago.
'Please Stop The Nonsense'; Tempers Flare Over Normally Routine City Council Matter Of Setting Next Meeting Date"People were watching all over the world, and I think they saw democracy in action, but I think they also saw some things that are regrettable,” Mayor Lightfoot said after the 3-hour meeting.
Mayor Lori Lightfoot Blasts 'Preening' Opponents Who Delayed City Council Vote On Emergency COVID-19 Spending Powers; 'The Ploy Of These Grandstanders Changes Nothing'The City Council will now reconvene Friday afternoon for a final vote on an ordinance giving the mayor's budget team greater spending authority during the pandemic.
Aldermen Advance Ban On Horse-Drawn Carriages, After Years Of Wrangling With Industry They Say 'Refuses To Comply With The Law'The License Committee on Wednesday voted to approve an ordinance to phase out all 10 of the city's existing horse-drawn carriage licenses by Jan. 1, 2021.
Aldermen Seek To Punish Cyber-Flashing With Up To 90 Days In Jail"Imagine being on a train, and getting a picture of someone’s genitals, getting a picture of someone naked, getting a picture you did not ask for, and can’t stop a preview, and not knowing where it came from,” Ald. Raymond Lopez (15th) said.