New Laws And Taxes In 2020: Recreational Marijuana, Minimum Wage Increase, And More For IllinoisStarting Jan. 1, anyone over the age of 21 can buy and use recreational marijuana in Illinois. That doesn’t mean they can carry it or light up anywhere they want, though.
Big Rush For Medical Marijuana Users To Stock Up Ahead Of Recreational LegalizationThere is a rush for medical marijuana users to stock up before the crush expected Wednesday, when recreational cannabis becomes legal.
Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Brace Themselves For Recreational Pot Purchasers"Right now, we have a lot of patients in there trying to stock up and get their medicine."
Legal Marijuana Sales May Spark Midwest Interstate TensionNonresidents can purchase less marijuana than Illinois residents under the state's new law, and law enforcement in surrounding states have announced plans to strictly enforce their standing restriction on marijuana.
Legal Marijuana Sales May Spark Midwest Interstate TensionIllinois is the 11th state to broadly allow marijuana's use and sale, shrinking early states' market advantage and ability to draw tourists.
The Rules Regarding Recreational Marijuana In IllinoisThirty grams of weed in flower form is the max, which is typically somewhere between 30 to 50 joints worth. A gram is roughly the weight of a paperclip.
Mayor Proposes Allowing Pot Use At Tobacco Shops, Cigar Bars, And Hookah LoungesCigar bars, hookah lounges, and other tobacco shops would be authorized to allow customers to smoke weed sometime next year, under a proposed ordinance Mayor Lori Lightfoot has introduced to the City Council.
City Council Rejects Black Caucus Bid To Delay Recreational Marijuana Sales By 6 MonthsFollowing a heated debate at City Hall, and multiple parliamentary votes on City Council procedures, aldermen on Wednesday voted down a bid by the Black Caucus to delay recreational marijuana sales in Chicago by six months.
Cannabis Business Reps Disappointed By Move To Delay Recreational Sales Until JulyCannabis business representatives said they were caught off guard and disappointed after a City Council committee approved an ordinance that would delay recreational marijuana sales in Chicago until July.
City Council Committee Approves Ordinance To Delay Chicago Recreational Marijuana Sales Until JulyA City Council committee on Tuesday approved an ordinance that would delay recreational marijuana sales in Chicago until July.
Lightfoot Says She's Working With Black Caucus To Avoid Bid To Delay Recreational Pot Sales; 'I Feel Comfortable That We’ll Get There'Ald. Jason Ervin (28th), who chairs the City Council Black Caucus, has moved to force a City Council vote this week on his proposal to delay legal weed sales in the city for six months.
Social Equity Works To Level The Recreational Pot-Selling Field"Hell no it ain't fair."
Medical Marijuana Company's Bid To Move To Bigger Location Advances In Tense Zoning Committee MeetingWith recreational marijuana becoming legal on Jan. 1, Cresco Labs, owners of MedMar Lakeview, are seeking to build a new dispensary at 3524 N. Clark St. so it can expand its current operations. 
Mayor Lori Lightfoot Says CPD Won't Ticket Pot Smokers For Lighting Up In Their Own Yards"An individual using cannabis in their own backyard or balcony poses no direct threat to public safety, and no resident should be arrested or ticketed solely for such a scenario," the mayor said.
City To Host Two More Public Meetings On Recreational Pot This Week Ahead Of New State Marijuana LawPeople who attend the meetings will have a chance to ask questions and provide input about the legalization of recreational pot starting on Jan. 1.