City To Offer 9,000 People New Chance To Contest Red Light Camera TicketsIn the wake of a Chicago Tribune investigation that questioned several unexplained spikes in red light camera tickets since 2007, city officials said they'll offer anyone who got a ticket during one of those spikes another shot at disputing the citation and getting a refund for the $100 fine.
A Look At The Craziest Tax Write-OffsIt's hard to think there's anything funny about taxes when you're under a mountain of paperwork, but CBS News contributor and analyst Mellody Hobson has a little comic relief for taxpayers.
What To Do With Your Tax RefundMost tax filers are getting a refund after they file their 2012 return. With the average refund running about $3,000, a lot of people will be thinking about what to do with the extra cash.
Navigate Tricky Gift Return Policies After The HolidaysThe holiday season has arrived and with it the efforts to find the perfect gifts for loved ones. As the hunt for gifts gets going, so does the dread of returning the thoughtful presents that are just not the right fit. Follow these tips to get through the season of returns.
E-Reader Customers Will Get Refunded TodayGood news if you're one of the millions of Americans downloading books on your E-Readers. Today, customers will be getting some cash back.
Peoples Gas To Refund Customers Following Court RulingThe Illinois Commerce Commission has approved a $2.3 million refund for Peoples Gas customers.
2 Teens Charged With Trying To Get ‘Refund’ For Box Of RocksTwo southwest suburban teens were arrested this week for trying to pull off a crime that was literally as dumb as a box of rocks.
ComEd Ordered To Refund $36.7 Million To CustomersThe Illinois Commerce Commission has ordered ComEd to refund $36.7 million to its customers.
Refunds Ordered For Moms Towed From Improperly Marked LotIt's been said it's easier to take a steak from a bear than it is to get a refund from a Chicago towing company, but that's exactly what a group of North Side moms achieved.
States Offers Refund After Bright Start MixupAbout 7,300 people who contributed money to the state's Bright Start college savings plan--thinking they'd get a $250 matching contribution and didn't--have a chance to get their money back.
Where's My IRS Refund?Taxpayers can go online to check to see if the IRS owes them cash.