Mayor Lightfoot, Landlords Have Doubts About Alderman's Proposal To Defer RentAnother dismal unemployment report is expected on Thursday amid this coronavirus crisis.
Chicago Renters, Landlords Urged To Talk During COVID-19 Crisis 'Not The Time To Be Adversarial'"The key thing here is no one should lose their home whether it’s a small time owner-occupied property, we don’t want that property owner to lose their home. But we don’t want the tenants to lose their homes either."
Chicago Ranked Most Affordable Major City For Minimum Wage Workers, Study Finds, But That's Not Saying MuchA new study finds it takes 69% of a minimum wage worker's take-home pay to afford the median rent in Chicago, before any other expenses.
Logan Square Residents Protest Rising Rents About 200 residents of the Logan Square neighborhood on Chicago’s North Side staged a protest march and rally to call attention to sharply increasing rents.
The CTA Will Let You Rent 'L' TrainsIf you want to board an L train without worrying it will be filled with manspreading bros (or if you want to board an L train and not feel guilty about manspreading), there's a solution: rent your own.
Reasonable Rents Getting Harder To Come By In Chicago AreaIn this Original Report, Dorothy Tucker reports why reasonable rents are a rarity. tuck
Need Cash? Renting Out Your Car -- Or Disco Ball -- May Be The AnswerThe Internet age has opened up a new world for people who may want to rent out a variety of goods -- even their driveways -- to raise some extra money. CBS 2's Dorothy Tucker reports.
Lawmaker Suggests Selling Mini-Billboard Space On License PlatesThe idea is to offer special corporate-sponsored plates. Drivers would get a discount on the price, and businesses would put their logos on the plates.
Rents Expected To Go Up In ChicagoIf you're renting an apartment and you live in the Chicago area, you might need to tweak your budget to allow for another increase.
Renting Consumer Products A New TrendRent or buy? That's usually a question we ask ourselves when we're thinking about where to live. Now it's a question that's coming up more often with all kinds of consumer products that we used to buy. CBS 2's Mary Kay Kleist reports.