Chicago Weather: Warm And Breezy For The Rest Of The WeekendIt will be very warm and breezy for the rest of the weekend, and then temperatures cool back to normal values.
Chicago Weather: Summerlike Warmth The Next Few DaysA brief taste of summer has arrived in Chicago, with temperatures reaching the 70s and even warmer the next few days.
Chicago Weather: Big Warmup Almost HereThe warmup is almost here!
Chicago Weather: Big Warmup Coming Next Week
Chicago Weather: Freezing OvernightOn Tuesday night, it is mostly cloudy with a slight chance of rain/snow showers.
Chicago Weather: Mix Of Rain And Snow Coming TuesdayA wintry system will bring a mix of rain and snow on Tuesday.
Chicago Weather: Cooler Temperatures, Chance Of Snow On TuesdayExpect cooler temperatures for the next few days.
Chicago Weather: Cooler Trend Next Week After Quiet WeekendColder days return for mid-week, with a little wintry mix possible on Tuesday.
Chicago Weather: Flood And Wind Advisories Early ThursdayRain moves in Wednesday night and continues Thursday.
Chicago Weather: Mostly Cloudy For The Next Few DaysAccording to CBS 2 meteorologist Robb Ellis, heavy rain is possible on Thursday, but afterwards, a beautiful spring weekend emerges.
Chicago Weather: Leftover Showers To Wrap Up By Tuesday MorningThe wintry precipitation was winding down Monday night.
Chicago Weather: Precipitation Lasts Into Evening Rush For ManyA wintry system brought snow, a wintry mix, and wind Monday afternoon, but things improved late in the the day progresses.
Chicago Weather: We're Not Done With Winter Just YetWe’re not done with winter just yet!
Chicago Weather: Snow Showers Pound Area Tuesday Night, But Sun Returns WednesdayOff-and-on snow showers persisted through Tuesday evening, with a blast of snow pounding the area at the 9 p.m. hour and reducing visibility.
Chicago Weather: A Quiet Forecast And A Mostly Cloudy NightThe forecast is quiet with some minor temperature ups and downs over the coming week.