Robocalls Legislation May Not Silence All Suspicious CallsThe legislation would also encourage carriers to use technology to stop what's called spoofing. That's where the scammers put a bogus number on the caller ID.
New Bill Would Crack Down On Robocalls And RobotextsNobody likes annoying robocalls. Now there is a new push from attorneys general around the country and in Illinois to limit those calls and punish telemarketers.
Robocalls: Relief In the Works May Not Stop the RingingAmericans got 5.2 billion robocalls last month. Chicago's share was 36 million. CBS 2 Investigator Dorothy Tucker explains why efforts underway to curb the calls may not stop a lot of them.
Robocalls Continue To Rattle 45th Ward Aldermanic Race"(There's) absolutely no truth to it. It's disgusting lies about our family and I wish they'd stop."
Consumer Group Offers Guide To Reduce 'Robocalls'CUB said technology is allowing scam artists to make thousands of calls a minute, and the calls have reached an "alarming level." The telecom services firm YouMail estimates there were a record 47.8 billion automated calls in 2018 -- most scam calls or telemarketers.
Florida Gubernatorial Candidate Target Of Racist RobocallsIn the recorded calls, someone falsely identifying himself as Andrew Gillum speaks in a racist, old-time minstrel dialect while asking voters for their support. 
Robocalls: Who, Why And How To Stop ThemIf you think you are receiving more robocalls than ever, you're correct. 30.5 billion robocalls were placed nationwide in 2017.
Chicago Election Board Manager FiredA Chicago election official has been fired in the aftermath of a contentious election that has resulted in a criminal probe of disruptive robocalls and complaints about “irregularities” in handling ballots in the state treasurer’s race. A spokesman declined to say why the person was fired, saying it was a personnel issue.
Former Republican Committeemen Claim Election Judges Coerced Into Voting GOPA former Republican committee woman tells 2 Investigator Pam Zekman that she was removed for objecting to the tactic.
Emanuel Wants Feds To Investigate Robocalls Made To Election Judge Robocalls made to election judges created confusion with voters waiting in long lines from two in the afternoon, until three in the morning to cast their vote.
'Malicious' Robocalls Leave Chicago Short Of Thousands Of Election JudgesChicago Board of Election Commissioners Chairman Langdon Neal said at least one precinct in all 50 wards had a problem with election judges not showing up, and the city had to enlist the help of 250 standby judges.