Group Demonstrations, Ball Used As Prop Are Again Acceptable NFL Celebrations"We know that you love the spontaneous displays of emotion that come after a spectacular touchdown," commissioner Roger Goodell says.
NFL To Vote On Centralized Replay Reviews, Aims To Enhance In-Game ViewingRoger Goodell has his sights set on bettering the in-game viewing experience with fewer commercials.
Bernstein: Is The NFL Getting More Fun?The league appears on the verge of relaxing its excessive celebration rules.
Watch: Patriots QB Tom Brady Filmed Championship Ad Before Super Bowl WinBrady offers a subtle message for NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.
Watch: Roger Goodell Receives Loud Chorus Of Boos At Super Bowl LIGoodell received a not-so-warm reception in crowning the Patriots champions.
DiCaro: Given Chance To Speak Out, Roger Goodell Chooses SilenceGoodell missed an opportunity for the NFL to stand up for its own.
Roger Goodell Dodges Questions On Raiders, Parries On PatriotsGoodell insisted nothing was off-kilter between the league and either team.
DiCaro: Cam Newton Is The Poster Boy For The NFL's Concussion ProblemWant fans to feel better about watching the NFL? Give us a reason to feel like we aren't helping hasten our favorite players to an early grave.
Bears' Sam Acho Speaks Out Against NFL's Handling Of Domestic Violence Cases"We got to stand up for justice," Acho said of the NFL's handling of domestic violence.
Keidel: Are NFL Players Guilty Until Proven Innocent?The NFL threatened to suspend four players for not cooperating in PED investigation based on a retracted story.
Bernstein: NFL's New Concussion Policy Is Just CosmeticDuring the actual on-field action, when the rules are to apply, the players still don’t really want the help.
Bernstein: Roger Goodell Can't LoseAny issue that seemed to threaten Goodell has eventually been either deflected, diminished or consumed and absorbed.
Roger Goodell: No Avenue Right Now To Settle 'Deflategate' AppealThe type of appeal Brady is seeking is rarely granted.
NFL Approves Ejection Proposal For 1-Year TrialTwo unsportsmanlike conduct penalties from specific categories will bring an automatic ejection in 2016.
Jan Schakowsky: Committee On Energy & Commerce Wants Formal Congressional Hearing Regarding Football Safety, Head InjuriesThe committee wants the NFL to appear for formal hearings because, "We need to delve deeper."