Santo Mementos Saved By Bar Owner, Not CubsTurns out the Chicago Cubs weren't exactly telling the truth the other day when a spokesman told Newsradio that discarded Ron Santo memorabilia had been rescued by the Cubs.
Cubs Apologize For Tossing Ron Santo CardThe Chicago Cubs are apologizing for throwing out some things that were found in Wrigley Field's garbage bin.
Wisch: Five Chicago Athletes Who Didn’t Go Out Like UrlacherHere are five Windy City athletes who looked the weirdest playing for a team other than the one they’re best known for.
Bernstein: No Need For Urlacher To Retire A Bear Let’s all stop the stupidity over Brian Urlacher needing to keep some kind of pristine connection to the Bears, as if the mere sight of him limping around the field in any other colors is somehow unthinkable.
Baffoe: Possibilities For The Cubs New MascotWrigley Field is a terrible place for children. It’s been mostly a terrible place for adults, too, but not so much due to the park’s amenities.
Abbatacola: The Hall Of Fame SucksI absolutely hate Major League Baseball's Hall of Fame voting.
Wisch: HOF Needs To Stop Closing Out Lee SmithEx-Cub Ron Santo finally got into the Hall of Fame this past summer. Ex-Cub Greg Maddux will easily get into the Hall of Fame in the summer of 2014. And Ex-Cub Lee Smith will surely get into the Hall of Fame …
Baffoe: On A Happy Day, Santo Enshrinement Still SadVicki Santo asked us to treat her late husband’s enshrinement as a celebration, and she talked about Ron being an inspiration to so many.
Santo Inducted Into Baseball Hall Of FameThe late Ron Santo, star third baseman for the Chicago Cubs and later a broadcaster for the team, has been inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum.
Ron Santo Honored In Indiana Corn MazeRon Santo's induction into the Baseball Hall of Fame this weekend is being celebrated at a farm in Northwest Indiana.
Bernstein: I Hate The HeatThis hellacious, Saharan furnace attacking Chicago has roasted any attempt to crystallize a compelling thought about sports, turning them into some kind of burned, twisted, pointless gristle.