Who Gets What In The New CPS Capital Budget?Critics say it gives too much to some, and nothing to others.
Bucktown Carjackings Rattle Residents"It freaks you out. It makes you question whether you want to stay in the city or not."
Suspicious Blaze Sends Four Firefighters To The HospitalThis was the seventh fire in the Hegewisch neighborhood since July 6.
Two More Brazilian Children Are Reunited With Their ParentsThe fathers were in government custody when a judge ordered the reunifications.
Indiana Attorney General Denies Sexual Battery AccusationsA democratic lawmaker in Indiana and a senate staff member Friday accused Attorney General Curtis Hill of making unwanted sexual advances.
Mother And Child Reunion In Chicago For Brazilian Woman, SonPaixao and her son will now return to Massachusetts where she's been staying with family friends since her release.
Backlash Over Firing Of Animal Control DirectorThe firing of the director of Chicago’s Animal Care and Control is being protested.
Jury Awards Jacques Rivera $17M After Being Framed By CPDAt the center of the case, former gang crimes detective Reynaldo Guevara, who has a long history of fabricating and withholding evidence.
Immigrant Mom, Son Reunited In ChicagoSouza was in court Thursday morning as her attorneys argued that mother and child should be together.
Taking Care Of Undocumented Children In Chicago"It is left to nonprofit organizations, including church organizations, to help pick up the pieces."
Overcoming Barriers By Disabilities Through The Nora ProjectNora's Project connects the children. The children do the rest. Focusing on their similarities, not their differences.
City Mourns Fire Department Diver Juan Bucio; 'Chicago Is Full Of Sorrow'Mayor Rahm Emanuel, who hugged and kissed Bucio’s sons during the ceremony, said Bucio not only was one of the Fire Department’s best divers, but a “stoic hero.”
This Weekend Kicks Off Festival Season In ChicagoIt's the first weekend in June and that means it's the official start of festival season in Chicago.
Cool Breezes Cancel Predicted High TemperaturesAlthough much hotter in the western suburbs, the record high temperatures never materialized on Memorial Day.
Laurel Or Yanny? It's All PerceptionA simple question posted on Instagram has everyone moving in to give a listen.