Santa Answers Kids' Questions About How He Pulls Off His JobIt's the time of year for wish lists and letters to Santa.
At LaRabida, Man With ALS Hands Cherished Santa Gig To His Son Paul Mesirow has brightened Christmas mornings at the children's hospital for more than 40 years. That came to an end this year.
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Horrible Horoscopes: TaurusTaurus, sorry your Christmas presents never came. There’s nothing worse than waking up Christmas morning to find a tree (glowing with lights and ornaments) with no presents underneath. If you want to blame someone, don’t blame Santa, or your parents...
Chicago Police Officers Deliver Christmas GiftsThe police were picking up and then delivering Christmas gifts to 17 families of fallen or seriously injured police officers.
Post Office Kicks Off Annual Letters To Santa CampaignStarting next Tuesday, letters to Santa will be available to the public.
CTA's Holiday Train Arrives In Time For Festive SeasonSome have called it “the train the grinches couldn’t kill,” because of the outcry that occurred when a handful of CTA managers once tried to discontinue it as a belt-tightening measure.
Firefighters Save Christmas For Stroke Victim's Family Firefighters who helped rescue Dani Price last summer gave her and her family assistance of a different kind on Friday. CBS 2's Suzanne Le Mignot reports.
Best Places For Pet Pictures With SantaDogs, all pets for that matter, are family too. And they should be included in on the holiday festivities, including a trip to visit Santa Claus. Santa makes special visits just for pets around the Chicagoland area so you can have your dog or cat’s photo taken with him. And on Christmas morning, let them rip open one of their own gifts so they can experience the thrill of a magical Christmas too.
Chicago's Santas: Best Of The BestHere’s a guide of the Best Santa’s to visit in the Chicago area – and where and when you can bring your kids of all ages to sit on his lap.
Gurnee Shop: 'No Appointment, No Sitting On Santa's Lap'A Hawthorn Woods man says bureaucratic red tape kept his 5-year-old son from a visit with Santa Claus at Bass Pro Shop in Gurnee.