Area Retiree Loses $80,000 From Lottery ScamLee Williams, 73, used to be a commodity broker. After retirement, he was in a car crash and spent seven months in the hospital. When he got out he was out of money. That's when the phone calls started.
2 investigators: Scammers Utilizing Medical Records To Fool VictimsIt starts when you get a call from someone who knows all about your medical records and what medications you take.
Victim Of Student Loan Con: 'It Was Too Good To Be True'CBS 2’s Dorothy Tucker reports someone you'd least expect to be a victim was blindsided by the pitch.
Lisa Madigan Targets Alleged Student Loan Debt Relief ScammersThe state of Illinois is trying to shut down companies that may be preying on people desperate to get rid of student loans, reports WBBM’s Cisco Cotto.
2 Investigators: Identity Thieves Stealing Billions With Fraudulent Tax ReturnsThe CBS 2 Investigators found efforts are being made, but much more needs to be done.
Authorities Shut Down Debt-Scam 'Boiler Room'Typically, it’s difficult for authorities to catch operators of scams like this because they usually operate in foreign countries. In this case, they were operating in Aurora. CBS 2's Pam Zekman reports.
Beware Prom Dress Rip-offs Online, Consumer-Advocacy Group Warns With high school girls thinking about prom season, here’s a warning from the Better Business Bureau.
Scammers 'Hijack' Real-Estate Listings, Trick Would-Be Renters Into Sending MoneySome of the ads on local websites are phony, with pirated home details. It’s already cost some victims thousands of dollars. CBS 2's Dana Kozlov reports.
Better Business Bureau Warns Of Sex Offender Database ScamConsumer advocates were warning about a new email scam designed to trick you into sharing your sensitive personal information.
Con Artists Pretending To Work For IRS Scam Wilmette Woman A popular scam has been taken to a new level in north suburban Wilmette.
Niles Police: Phone Scammer Targeting Seniors By Claiming To Be With IRSA phone scammer pretending to be from the Internal Revenue Service is targeting seniors and demanding money, police in north suburban Niles are warning.
Hanover Park Moves Money Out Of Investment Firm Hit By Fake Loan Scam One western suburb has moved millions of dollars it had invested with an Oak Brook firm that has been scammed, reports WBBM's Nancy Harty.
Waukegan ‘Spiritual Healer’ Apparently Leaves Town After Scamming People Out Of Tens Of Thousands Of DollarsWaukegan Police say a woman who advertised herself as a spiritual healer has apparently skipped town - after scamming people out of tens of thousands of dollars.
Email Scam Targets Motorists Who Use I-PassWhen Barbara Christopher got an email saying she owed on her I-Pass, she figured that was possible. CBS 2's Chris Martinez reports.
Sheriff: Beware Phone Calls Threatening Arrest, Demanding CashThe caller tells victims that they must make payments via pre-paid debit cards or a wire service and implies that an arrest is imminent, the sheriff’s office said.