Attorneys Demand Chicago Police Stop Its ‘Abusive’ Search Warrant Tactics, Or They’ll Take CPD To Federal CourtA team of lawyers instrumental in the Chicago Police consent decree is demanding an overhaul of the department’s search warrant process, saying its methods are unconstitutional.
'They Had The Guns Pointed At Me;' Another Chicago Family Wrongly Raided, Just 1 Month After Police Created Policy To Stop Bad Raids
State Sen. Martin Sandoval Resigns As Transportation Committee Chair As Senate Democrats Release Unredacted Search Warrant From FBI RaidAccording to the warrant, federal authorities were seeking “items related to any official action taken in exchange for a benefit.”
Back Of The Yards Man Says Police Raided His Apartment By MistakeLe Ron Morris, who is a minister, veteran and father, says he was at work Friday afternoon when a neighbor called and told him to come home right away.
Chicago Police Ransack 81-Year-Old Woman's Home Only To Discover They Had The Wrong HouseHardies Clayton says the police pointed guns at her and had her son in handcuffs before realizing they were at the wrong house and had the wrong person.
Family Suing Chicago Police After Officers Raid Wrong Apartment, Point Guns At ChildrenA family who says police raided the wrong home last November, and pointed guns at their 9- and 5-year-old sons, filed a federal lawsuit against the city on Wednesday.
Trump Blasts Cohen Over Tape DisclosurePresident Donald Trump blasted his former attorney Michael Cohen on Wednesday, the morning after CNN aired the audio of a recording Cohen made of the two.
Supreme Court: Warrant Generally Needed To Track Cell Phone Location DataThe ruling is a major victory for advocates of increased privacy rights who argued more protections were needed when it comes to the government obtaining information from a third party such as a cell phone company.
Prosecutors Get Warrant To Search Missouri Governor's Google AccountProsecutors in the invasion of privacy case against Missouri Governor Eric Greitens have obtained a search warrant for his Google account, according to court records.
Police Apologize To Family After Officers Raid Wrong ApartmentChicago police said they will pay for repairs after officers raided the wrong home Thursday morning, terrifying a Lawndale family.
Investigators Search Property Where The Bodies Of 2 Indiana Teens Were FoundIndiana investigators served a search warrant to the owner of the property where the bodies of two teens were found.