New World Trade Center Tops Willis Tower As Tallest In U.S.The Willis Tower on Tuesday lost the title of the tallest building in the United States to the new World Trade center in New York.
New Apple Maps Misses Mark In ChicagoApple's new map application has been getting widespread bad reviews, and it misses the mark on some key spots in Chicago.
United Airlines To Move Corporate Headquarters To Willis TowerUnited Airlines headquarters will soon be contained within one iconic Chicago address.
One World Trade Center To Supplant Willis Tower As Nation's Tallest BuildingDepending on how you figure, the Willis Tower could be about to lose bragging rights as the nation’s tallest building once the skyscraper at New York’s Ground Zero is completed.
Willis Tower Skydeck: It's Really High UpThe Willis Tower is tall! Just... you know... so you know. Why not take a trip up to its Skydeck to get a real grasp of how big this behemoth building is?
Guide To Using The Metra To Go DowntownAre you from the far flung reaches of Chicago's suburbs and, like me, afraid to take the Metra? It's okay, you can admit it, the Metra confuses me too. Don't worry though! We'll figure that giant, metal, moving monster out together!
Willis Tower Owners Seek New PartnerThe Willis Tower is reportedly hundreds of millions of dollars in debt, and its owners are looking for help.
Sears Considering Whether To Stay In Hoffman EstatesWith a series incentives set to expire next year, retail giant Sears Roebuck and Co. is considering whether to move from it's headquarters in Hoffman Estates.