Woman Dead After Tree Falls Onto Mobile Home In Rockford During Wednesday Morning StormsA woman is dead after a tree fell onto a mobile home during storms in Rockford on Wednesday morning.
Chicago Weather: Trees Come Down, Power Lines Emit Showers Of Sparks As Severe Storms Pound Chicago AreaThere were no tornadoes like Monday night, but severe storms that pounded the Chicago area Tuesday evening did plenty of damage.
Chicago Weather: Thunderstorms Sweep Through, Bringing Torrential Rain, Strong WindsSevere thunderstorms are bringing very heavy rain, gusty winds, and lots of lightning through the Chicago area Saturday evening, prompting multiple severe thunderstorm warnings.
Tornadoes Confirmed In Dyer, Indiana; Crete, Illinois From Saturday StormsTwo tornadoes have been confirmed in the Chicago area from the severe storms that also dumped rapid heavy rain on the on Saturday.
Neighbors Come To Rescue After Tree Falls, Traps Woman During Storms In StegerA woman was trapped under a tree that fell during the storms Saturday in south suburban Steger.
Severe Storms Leave Trees Snapped, Roads Blocked In Far South Suburbs, Northwest IndianaTrees were snapped, roads were blocked, and a tornado was seen on the ground in some areas Saturday as severe storms pounded the area – bringing dangerous winds and drenching rain.
Severe Storm Blamed For Roof Collapse At Dunning Neighborhood Auto Body ShopSevere storms on Saturday were blamed for the collapse of a building on West Irving Park Road in the Dunning neighborhood.
PHOTOS: Severe Storms Rip Down Trees In Dyer, IndianaDangerous storms ripped down trees as they moved through Northwest Indiana on Saturday afternoon.
Chicago Weather: Trees, Power Lines Come Down Around Chicago Area, Roadways Flooded As Severe Storms Sweep Through; Chill To FollowSevere storms brought down trees and power lines throughout the Chicago area early Tuesday evening.
How To Report Outages, Downed Power Lines As Severe Storms Pass ThroughTens of thousands of ComEd customers were left in the dark Tuesday evening as a fast-moving line of severe storms swept through the Chicago area.
Chicago Weather: Severe Storms Possible, Including Threat Of Tornadoes, Damaging Wind And HailPowerful storms are expected in the Chicago area until about 10 a.m. Sunday morning. There is also a risk of tornadoes, but the main storm threats are wind and large hail.