Chicago Lawyer Helps Fashion Meet LawWhile the real estate dive in 2008 hurt the economy as a whole, it gave Shara Kamal, Esq., a unique opportunity to go back to her first love within the legal industry: fashion. Find out how she bridged the two careers.
Being A Rebel Leads A Chicago Psychiatrist To His CareerDr. Carl Bell grew up being called terms like "arrogant," "bold" and "crazy." It wasn't until a colleague called him one of these terms during medical school that he pondered on transitioning from being a surgeon to becoming a psychiatrist.
Tips For Chicago Employees, Job Seekers To Get Higher Pay In 2015With the job market showing the highest increase in employment opportunities, this is a time when employees are starting to find better employment opportunities and job seekers are getting the pay they deserve.
Nurse Encourages Her Chicago Students To Try Critical CareSocorro Mendoza, Nursing Program Coordinator for the Jewish Child & Family Services, is passionate about helping patients who have been in traumatic or chaotic situations.
Chicago Teacher Recommends Einstein Theories For Improving Business SkillsBut it's creative courses on topics like Einstein where she really thinks her students have the chance to excel in both education and business management.
English Degree Helped Tech Professional Explore The Chicago MarketChris Poynton didn't come to the immediate conclusion that he wanted to work in the technical world. He started off with an English and Creative Writing degree, and taught English in Vietnam.
Content Marketing Is A Growing Trend In ChicagoAdvertorials, sponsored content and brand content are becoming more popular in digital advertising, which is making content marketing a hot job. Find out why Andy Crestodina, the co-founder of Orbit Media Studios, thinks teachers make the best content marketers.
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Chicago Dean Advocates Degrees From Hospitals To Government WorkDr. Vicki Keough, started off wanting to be a special education teacher, but after seeing the impact that nurses leave with patients, she chose to gain more experience.
Chicago Professor Teaches The Business Side Of Music IndustryJustin Sinkovich can play several guitars, the keyboard and works on the engineering side of production. However, as a kid, he grew up always wanting to learn the business side of the music industry.
Social Media, Diverse Audience Are Changing Chicago's Marketing IndustryCommercials are becoming more diverse to represent a changing American demographic. Social media is utilized more often. Instructor Jaime Black shares tips on why marketing has evolved.