Muller: Is It A Sin To Root Against Tebow?Are you planning on cheering for the New England Patriots tomorrow night when they square off against the Denver Broncos in their AFC Divisional Playoff game?
Muller: Contract Extension For Brian Kelly Doesn’t Make SenseIf you signed a five year contract with a company, would you expect to be given a two-year extension after your first two years produced average results?
Muller: Game of the Century II? Not Even CloseI suppose I should congratulate the Crimson Tide for beating the Tigers 21-0 to win their second “national championship” in the last three seasons, but I am having a really hard time doing so.
Muller: Goodbye And Good Riddance, Mr. ZambranoCubs fans can now breathe a sigh of relief knowing that they won’t have to wonder when number 38 is going to “lose it” any longer.
Muller: After Shaky Start, Bulls Look To Regroup To say that the Bulls have looked good in the teams’ first two games of the 2011-12 NBA season would be a lie.
Muller: Bowl Outcomes Don’t Determine Conference SuperiorityI will never be one of those insane chest thumpers that feel it is necessary to puff out my chest based on how my “conference” plays in bowl games, but apparently, I am one of the few who actually feels this way.
Muller: Trade Hoopla Makes Me Appreciate Derrick Rose More Than EverWith all the hoopla surrounding Chris Paul and Dwight Howard, I realized just how blessed the Chicago Bulls are to have a guy like Derrick Rose leading the franchise back to prominence.
Muller: Since When Is $130 Million An 'Insult'?When I first heard that Albert Pujols decided to leave the St. Louis Cardinals in favor of the Los Angeles Angels, my initial reaction was one of relief.
Muller: Heisman Trophy Means Nothing AnymoreThe Heisman Trophy, one of the few post season awards that I actually used to have respect for, is about to fall into the same pit of college football ridiculousness.
Muller: The BCS Championship Game Is A FarceThere are no “do overs” in life. Well, unless your favorite college football team happens to be the Alabama Crimson Tide, of course.
Muller: 2011 -- The Year of The Paper Champion2011 was the year of the “paper champion” in professional sports, and I have to admit, I have enjoyed watching every moment of each collapse.
Muller: Alabama Has No Business Playing In BCS Championship GameWho deserves the chance to face the Tigers for a chance to hoist the crystal ball come January? Well, that is the million dollar question.
Muller: Miss NBA Basketball? Blame SternDon’t blame the owners for the lack of professional basketball in the middle of November. Don’t blame the players for nixing the latest offer earlier this week, thus extending the delay until at least mid-December, and quite possibly, until the 2012-13 season.
Muller: Sandberg Wasn’t Shunned, Just Unqualified I’m sorry that all the pro-Ryno Cubs fans aren’t going to get their wish, but it is time to put the Kleenex box away and start putting a little more faith and trust towards Epstein and his crew.
Muller: No Bulls Game Last Night Made Lockout A RealityInstead of getting excited to watch the defending league MVP Derrick Rose and his Bulls comrades begin their march towards redemption, I was stuck moping around my apartment while my wife watched re-runs of Sex and the City and whatever “breaking news” in the ever-important Kris Humphries Kim Kardashian divorce “saga” was becoming public knowledge.