Muller: $2,000 Payments To Student Athletes Is Fine By Me$2,000 in extra spending money for student athletes, huh? I can live with that.
Muller: Auburn Cleared Of Violations, But Public Perception Won’t ChangeThe NCAA conducted over 80 interviews, four former players admitted to receiving improper benefits, and Cecil Newton came clean about shopping his son to the highest-bidder (roughly $200,000) for his football services. Then, 13 long months later, the boobs in Indianapolis could find no wrongdoing by Auburn University?
Muller: The Big Ten Is Weak? Says Who?The Big Ten has been classified as being “weak” for a couple of years now, and I for one, am getting tired of hearing about it.
Muller: David Stern Can Threaten Cancelation, But I’m Not Buying ItNBA commissioner Davis Stern has drawn a line in the sand.
Muller: Boston’s Collapse Makes '69 Cubs Failure Look Pedestrian“Pathetic” is the only word to describe the collapse of the Boston Red Sox. And they won’t get any sympathy from Chicago Cubs fans.
Muller: Don’t Eliminate The Two-Team Cap, Just Scrap The BCSAny college football fan on the planet knows that none of the crap these bowl executives from the Fiesta Bowl and the Sugar Bowl would exist if the BCS system was scrapped in favor of a playoff system.
Muller: Schedule Set Up For Illini To Make RunBefore the college football season began, I felt that Ron Zook and his University of Illinois football team had the most to prove in the Big Ten in 2011.
Muller: Your Act Is Getting Really Old, Brian KellyI don’t know if the pressure of being the head coach at Notre Dame is already getting to you or what, but your act is getting really old, really fast.
Muller: Baseball’s Offseason Can’t Come Fast Enough For This Chicago Sports FanWith college football starting last weekend and the NFL officially getting underway last night up in Green Bay, we are nearing that time of year when we put away the shorts and flip-flops and begin preparations for another cold and miserable winter in the Windy City.
Muller: NFC Playoff Predictions Are Pretty Easy, ActuallyFor as much as it pains me to say so, I believe the defending Super Bowl champion Green Bay Packers will -- once again -- be the class of the NFC in 2011.
Muller: Chris Johnson Gets His Payday, But What About Forte?Since Forte entered the league, statistically, he is one of the top five running backs in the NFL yet, he is only due to make a little over $500,000 this season. He has proved his worth on the field and should be paid like it.
Muller: Cam Newton vs. Terrelle Pryor: Why The Double Standard?No two players trying to make their NFL dreams come true this season epitomize these polar ends of the spectrum more than Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton and Oakland Raiders quarterback Terrelle Pryor.
Muller: 7-Year-Old Way Too Young To Sign With Real MadridEverywhere you look, it seems like more and more children are giving up their only shot at being kids, for hopes of stardom on the playing field.
Muller: Recruiting Analyst Discusses Chicago's Prep's Allen Trieu took a moment to discuss the recruiting landscape for Illinois and Northwestern and the top prep talent in the Chicago area.
Muller: What Should Bears Do In Free Agency?It's no secret the Bears have some holes to fill, particularly on the offensive side of the ball. Who do you want to see the Bears sign?